Box of Cats

Ciszak - Check Me Out / That Beat

"PASS ME A SHAKER!" The words reach you from afar in a South American accent. You glance to the side and see a beautiful woman, dressed head to toe in bright colors. She’s shuffling her feet in a very 'salsa-ish' fashion with a giant smile. It must be fiesta time, because she feels like dancing. Would someone please get her a shaker!?

Some people call him the Brazilian Stallion. OK truthfully we just made that up, but it does have a nice ring to it. Ricardo, professionally known as Ciszak, is a gun in the studio.

Throughout his new 2 tracker you can hear the attention to detail when it comes to crafting his bass, drums, and leads. The a-side, 'Check Me Out' featuring Rhiannon Roze is a dance-floor destroyer. Its fast, heavy, the synths are bangin’, and all of those elements are weaved around a deep synth breakdown and cheeky vocal. The b-side 'That Beat' is a switch to the dark side with a locked bass groove perfect for those early morning hours.

So do us a favour will you – pass this man a shaker! Welcome to the family Ciszak…

Release Date August 20th, 2020
Catalog No BOC092
Label Box Of Cats
track artist
Check Me Out (Extended Mix) Ciszak ft. Rhiannon Roze 5:50
That Beat (Extended Mix) Ciszak 5:07