Box of Cats

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Box of Cats
Release Date : June 28th, 2024
DISCLAIMER: If you have a nut allergy you may want to sit this one out.
support from GAWP, Sacha Robotti, Hood Rich, Blonde, DJ Craze, Freak On, Golf Clap, Max Kaluza, Mc Flipside, Raffa FL, Subset, Kyle Watson, Andi Durrant, John, DJ Antixx, Ryan Espi, WRDO, DJ Stoke, Nino Munaco, DJ Ron, and 36 more
Box of Cats
Release Date : June 14th, 2024
With perfectly measured splashes of House, Techno and Electro, this banger is deserving of its own release. Give it a moment to sink in and have a beer ready to crack open after!
support from Codes, Aston Shuffle, Andi Durrant, Mason, Raffa FL, Hijack, Pat Lok, Belt and Wezol, Blonde, GTA, Kyle Watson, Max Kaluza, Morgan J, Ocean Roulette, Subset, Vanilla Ace, Smalltown DJs Mike, Sacha Vibes, GAWP, Christian Martin, and 53 more
Box of Cats
Release Date : May 31st, 2024
You’ll be heading home full but satisfied with this one. Big ups Kasto!
support from Christian Martin, DJ Craze, Blonde, Morgan J, Ocean Roulette, Kyle Watson, GAWP, Wongo, Andi Durrant, Zendlo, Jason Wilson, Nino Munaco, Ethan Perkins, Vivien Zell, Armando Villegas, DJ Ricky Sixx, Hook, Adam Rowe, Two Tails, Artur Pestka, and 43 more
Box of Cats
Release Date : May 17th, 2024
We welcome Tom Kench for his first solo release on BOC :D
support from Pat Lok, Smalltown DJs Mike, Ocean Roulette, Swedish Egil, Belt and Wezol, Blonde, Kyle Watson, MAGNVM, Wongo, Chris MF Reed, Andi Durrant, Artur Pestka, Cam Mini, Christos Angelos, DJ Antixx, DJ Magillian, Dj King, DJ Stoke, flash89, Foolie, and 42 more
Box of Cats
Release Date : April 19th, 2024
Bass, Tech, Deep, Tribal, Minimal - these are all just words, but at the core it’s HOUSE and that’s what we love. Let’s get into it!
support from GTA, Swedish Egil, Chris Lake, Freak On, Kyle Watson, Mc Flipside, Max Kaluza, Toughlove, ZOF, Hijack, Dj Glen, Belt and Wezol, Blonde, Monopoly, Sacha Vibes, GAWP, Andi Durrant, Subset, Christian Martin, Dom Dolla, and 63 more
Box of Cats
Release Date : April 5th, 2024
This one’s legit and exactly what you were waiting for, so dive in folks!
support from Belt and Wezol, Christian Martin, Elternhouse, GAWP, Marc Spence, Morgan J, Roger Sanchez, Tommie Sunshine, Vanilla Ace, Zendlo, Lowdown, Freak On, GTA, Aston Shuffle, Toughlove, Hijack, Golf Clap, Codes, Blonde, Chris Lake, and 62 more
Box of Cats
Release Date : March 22nd, 2024
No piss-fartin' around this time, let's get straight into the tunes!
support from Kyle Watson, Hotfire, Danny Kolk, GTA, Blonde, Subset, ZOF, Body Ocean, Das Kapital, Hood Rich, MAGNVM, Monopoly, Ocean Roulette, Tommie Sunshine, Trademarc, Sacha Vibes, Max Kaluza, Don Diablo, Roger Sanchez, GAWP, and 76 more
Box of Cats
Release Date : February 23rd, 2024
"Dark undertones and muted acid bass juxtaposed with sweet diva vocals create the perfect soundscape for arpeggiated white noise to live in Mancodex's latest soundtrack". Does it make sense? Enough..
support from Lowdown, Subset, Belt and Wezol, Chris Lake, Dom Dolla, Kyle Watson, Mancodex, Max Kaluza, Monopoly, Ocean Roulette, Vanilla Ace, Hotfire, Blonde, Codes, Andi Durrant, Vnssa, Artur Pestka, Cam Mini, Karen Mclellan, GIANT, and 42 more