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Box of Cats
Release Date : September 2nd, 2022
Seeing as though Wongo is co-founder at Box of Cats it seemed fitting to invite him back to do another one of his 'Not For Radio' releases.
Realoop Records
Release Date : August 5th, 2022
Realoop Records is the newborn love child of the UK’s Hijack (Jack Union) and Australia’s Wongo (Box of Cats)
support from Don Rimini, Tony Romero, DJ Craze, Ocean Roulette, Treasure Fingers, Vush, Vanilla Ace, Smalltown DJs Mike, Don Diablo, Chris Lake, Noizu, Zendlo, Subset, Tommie Sunshine, GAWP, lothief, Perfect Driver, Reginald (MTWAT), DJ Magillian, Vallely Joe, and 32 more
Box of Cats
Release Date : September 9th, 2022
ZOF has previously been on BOC but today is the EP debut we have been waiting so long for. This two track EP is pumping but gracious.
support from Shiba San, Codes, DJ Craze, Wongo, Jeff Doubleu, Don Diablo, Osker wilde, Smalltown DJs Mike, Tommie Sunshine, Go Freek, Mc Flipside, MNNR, Ocean Roulette, Sacha Vibes, Vanilla Ace, Wave Point, Das Kapital, BRYAN JONES, Claude VonStroke, Jon Hamlin, and 40 more
Box of Cats
Release Date : August 12th, 2022
Badder, better, better than the rest. This month we have some fresh blood from a weapon producer that goes by the name of Martin Badder.
support from Claude VonStroke, Kyle Watson, lothief, Shiba San, Swedish Egil, Tommie Sunshine, Wongo, Vanilla Ace, Blonde, Smalltown DJs Mike, GAWP, Jeff Doubleu, BRYAN JONES, Subset, Chris Larsen, Don Diablo, Starfleet, Tim Galvine, Alan Strictly House, Bure BCG , and 32 more
Box of Cats
Release Date : August 26th, 2022
From the back of the dance floor, from your head to your toes, you can even feel this one reverberating through your spleen
support from Max Kaluza, Codes, Go Freek, Jeff Doubleu, Sacha Vibes, Shiba San, Vanilla Ace, Kyle Watson, Don Diablo, Freefall, Lucati, GAWP, Das Kapital, Chris Lake, GTA, Trademarc, BRYAN JONES, IZ AND DIZ, Arnold & Lane, Bure BCG , and 24 more
Box of Cats
Release Date : July 29th, 2022
With enough Rhodes to fill a small village and spook a miniature horse
support from Danny Kolk, MNNR, Don Diablo, Wave Point, Wongo, Smalltown DJs Mike, Kyle Watson, Morgan J, Taya, Tony Romero, Blonde, Mc Flipside, Codes, BRYAN JONES, Ocean Roulette, Max Kaluza, Nick Siarom, Claude VonStroke, lothief, Shiba San, and 56 more
Box of Cats
Release Date : July 15th, 2022
A man of many talents is our Manny. A lover of the art, colour, creativity and lucky for us he has a fetish for kick drums
support from J Worra, Sacha Vibes, Sacha Robotti, DJ Craze, Don Diablo, Tommie Sunshine, Claude VonStroke, Das Kapital, Jeff Doubleu, Smalltown DJs Mike, Vanilla Ace, BRYAN JONES, Ocean Roulette, Hijack, Shiba San, Codes, Subset, GAWP, Kyle Watson, Swedish Egil, and 34 more
Box of Cats
Release Date : July 1st, 2022
He's done exactly as he said he would, hijacking these records and planting them firmly into 2022.
support from Bart B More, Kyle Watson, Chris Lake, DJ Craze, Shiba San, GAWP, Smalltown DJs Mike, Codes, Claude VonStroke, Don Rimini, GTA, Ocean Roulette, Mc Flipside, Max Kaluza, Osker wilde, Vanilla Ace, Wongo, Double Agent, Mason, Don Diablo, and 42 more
Box of Cats
Release Date : June 17th, 2022
At the end of the day it’s really all about house music. Whether its minimal, maximal, micro or dismal house, it’s all house.
support from Don Diablo, Go Freek, Blonde, Kyle Watson, DJ Craze, Vanilla Ace, Matroda, Bart B More, Chris Lake, Claude VonStroke, Dj Glen, Codes, J Worra, Max Kaluza, Morgan J, Shiba San, Steve Darko, Wongo, GAWP, Walker and Royce, and 42 more
Box of Cats
Release Date : June 3rd, 2022
Picture this. A volcano has just erupted and there’s pure molten lava heading straight for you. What do you do? Simple really, grab a shovel and scoop every last drop of it into your USB
support from Belt and Wezol, Don Diablo, Blonde, Codes, Danny Kolk, Double Agent, Freak On, Go Freek, Mancodex, Max Kaluza, Matroda, Mightyfools, Sacha Vibes, Subset, Smalltown DJs Mike, Jon Hamlin, Wongo, Hijack, Morgan J, Das Kapital, and 62 more
Box of Cats
Release Date : May 20th, 2022
Legs going one way, your body the other. Uh oh, MNTRA and ALAFLOW just took control of you and there's very little we can do about it! ALL DAY!
support from Smalltown DJs Mike, Wongo, Vanilla Ace, Marco Lys, Don Diablo, Chris Larsen, Jeff Doubleu, The Sponges, Anna Lunoe, Mightyfools, Rrotik, Codes, Claude VonStroke, Marc Spence, Mc Flipside, Ocean Roulette, Shiba San, Kyle Watson, Tommie Sunshine, Blonde, and 50 more
Box of Cats
Release Date : May 27th, 2022
Fully vibed on Dark Cities debut release on BOC and we recon you gonna feel this one too!
support from Claude VonStroke, Chris Lake, Don Diablo, Jeff Doubleu, Max Kaluza, Rrotik, Sacha Vibes, Tommie Sunshine, Mass Appeal, Morgan J, Lowdown, Codes, Mc Flipside, Wongo, Double Agent, Swedish Egil, Kyle Watson, GENE FARRIS, Vanilla Ace, Arnold & Lane, and 52 more
Box of Cats
Release Date : April 15th, 2022
Supplying the world with endless amounts of oxygen, may we present Green Tree!
support from Kyle Watson, Claude VonStroke, Wongo, Cazztek, DJ Craze, Body Ocean, Codes, Dave Summit, Jeff Doubleu, Kryder, Marc Spence, Max Kaluza, Morgan J, Smalltown DJs Mike, Trademarc, Double Agent, Mc Flipside, Don Diablo, Shiba San, DJ Adam Trace, and 42 more
Box of Cats
Release Date : April 1st, 2022
Ladies and gentlemen, please assume your front row seats - GIANT is about to walk down the Box of Cats-walk again!
support from Mc Flipside, Don Diablo, Maximono, Jeff Doubleu, Anna Lunoe, Cazztek, Claude VonStroke, Eleganto, Freefall, Fritz Carlton, Kyle Watson, Max Kaluza, Ocean Roulette, Shiba San, Trademarc, Elternhouse, Nick Siarom, Vanilla Ace, Tony Romero, Codes, and 53 more