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Multi-channel promo delivery that connects with your audience wherever they are...



Import your contacts and build a super slick promo campaign with drag and drop simplicity in minutes.


Target and Schedule

Inflyte’s smart tagging and scheduling tools help you segment your contacts to find the right audience, save time, and drive engagement to maximise your campaigns impact.


Deliver Everywhere

Inflyte is the only promo tool that works with a suite of integrations that includes Pioneer DJ rekordbox, Dropbox, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Alexa, Google Maps and Twitter.



From engagement rates, to geographical breakdown, Inflyte provides an unrivalled real-time activity data stream that you can easily export in seconds.

Why Inflyte?

From the major labels to over 8,000 independent record labels and hundreds of international PR agencies, Inflyte is an award winning company trusted to securely deliver content for the most important brands in the music industry.
Since 2014, Inflyte has become the go-to promo platform for over 80,000 of the most authoritative tastemakers in music from the BBC to Billboard magazine, Mixmag to DJ Mag and Rolling Stone to Pitchfork in over 180 countries worldwide.
Inflyte provides secure promo delivery for nearly 50% of the biggest-selling labels on Beatport, many of whom also feature heavily among Resident Advisor's Top 100 most-charted labels. We also help deliver global commercial mega-hits that frequently top the mainstream charts.
Simple Pricing = Simple Billing
Our fixed rate, all-inclusive pricing is designed to suit record labels and PR Agencies of all sizes, allowing you to budget a fixed price per campaign.
Pay-As-You-Go or Subscription?
We understand no two labels have the same requirements. That is why you can choose from flexible Pay-As-You-Go options with no commitment, or save money with a monthly subscription. We also provide comprehensive Enterprise solutions for larger clients. If you don't see a plan that suits, contact us and we'll work something out for you.
Smarter, not Harder
Whether delivering an obscure slice of underground electronica to a handful of journalists or an international chart-topping hit to thousands, our secure scalable global content delivery network ensures your content gets into the right hands as easily as possible with zero downtime.
Market-leading Innovation
Inflyte is no ordinary promo-tool: It’s a unique multi-channel delivery platform that has pioneered new innovations in promo delivery since 2014 and provides an unrivalled user experience in the market today. We continue to invest massive resources into our technology infrastructure to meet the ongoing demands of our clients and users.
User Driven
Whether you are a small independent label or a multi-national agency, our dedicated team will work closely with you to evaluate your needs. We can advise on best practices to optimise your Inflyte account to deliver maximum results and build better promo solutions. Our ears are always open.


Pioneer Rekordbox
Rekordbox Logo
Inflyte's exclusive partnership with Pioneer DJ provides direct integration of promos into their rekordbox DJ platform, the most widely used platform by professional DJs worldwide. Promos rated using Inflyte are automatically delivered into tastemakers’ rekordbox ready to drop in a set.
See Pioneer DJ's How-to video here
Dropbox provides cloud-storage integration for Inflyte users and can automatically sync rated promos to the cloud for access on any device, anywhere without the need to manually download files. A gamechanger when used with our mobile apps.
Labels embed Spotify pre-saves into Inflyte promo campaigns to seamlessly push new releases into tastemakers streaming libraries on release day, ready to share and playlist, bridging the gap between promo and release.
Apple Music
Apple Music icon
Tastemaker Pre-save functionality on Apple Music enables labels to send promo campaigns with pre-saves embedded, to help maximise those all important release day streams and public playlists, in an elegant all in one promo & pre-save solution for labels and tastemakers.


‘Did you get my email?’
As a label owner, how many times have you asked that question when sending out a promo? With Inflyte, you’ll never ask it again. Inflyte users can access their promos in three incredibly user-friendly ways: mobile apps, web dashboard and good old-fashioned email. You can rest assured when you send an Inflyte promo, it will get delivered.
Data, data and more data
Inflyte provides the most advanced analytics and insights in promo delivery which you can view in a real-time Twitter-like feed on your dashboard. Track your database, monitor engagement levels, see who your biggest influencers on social networks are. That’s just for starters…
Pain-free reporting
We all hate reports right? What if we told you that Inflyte can create beautiful customisable branded reports, with all your feedback colour-coded and categorised and it would take less than a second to produce. You can hide, edit and feature feedback as much as you need. Think how much time that would that save you?
Send less email, save the planet
Inflyte provides a unique digest option, that allows you to reduce the number of promos mailers you send, by creating a convenient digest mailer listing all your latest campaigns and reminders. This is perfect for heavy-use clients who want to do a weekly round-up.
Lists? What lists?
We know it’s so time-consuming trying to manage thousands of contacts across multiple mailing lists. That’s why Inflyte has an incredibly efficient tagging & filtering system that allows easy, manageable access to all your contacts with much fewer clicks of the mouse. You’ll never make a list again.
Offline you say?
Our iOS and Android apps allow your content to be saved on tastemakers’ mobile devices for listening reviewing, leaving feedback offline, anytime, anywhere.
Your promos, anywhere
Optional Dropbox integration provides your recipients with the convenience of syncing promos from their mobile device or the web dashboard direct to Dropbox. It’s so simple yet obvious, if only we thought of it first. Oh yeah, we did.
‘Wavs please?’
With a single super-fast upload, your recipients can choose from WAV, AIFF or MP3 on any campaign - the ultimate convenience for you and your recipients. We do all the encoding, so you don’t have to.


Pay Monthly

£ 44 00
Billed Monthly
  • 2 Promos per Month
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Watermarked Audio
  • Standard Support
£ 220 00
Billed Monthly
  • 15 Promos per Month
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Watermarked Audio
  • Priority Support

Pay As You Go

£ 33 00
  • 1 Promo
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Standard Support
£ 83 00
  • 3 Promo Pack
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Standard Support
£ 220 00
  • 10 Promo Pack
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Standard Support

Pay Monthly

£ 44 00 £ 99 00 £ 220 00
2 Promos per Month 5 Promos per Month 15 Promos per Month
Unlimited Storage Unlimited Storage Unlimited Storage
Unlimited Bandwidth Unlimited Bandwidth Unlimited Bandwidth
Watermarked Audio Watermarked Audio Watermarked Audio
Standard Support Standard Support Priority Support

Pay As You Go

£ 33 00 £ 83 00 £ 220 00
1 Promo 3 Promo Pack 10 Promo Pack
Unlimited Storage Unlimited Storage Unlimited Storage
Unlimited Bandwidth Unlimited Bandwidth Unlimited Bandwidth
Standard Support Standard Support Standard Support

Please Contact Inflyte for Enterprise level pricing-plans. Enterprise plans include on-boarding, training, data-cleansing and a personal account manager.

  • All prices subject to UK VAT at 20% from companies based in the UK and EU companies with no valid EU VAT number.
  • Inflyte uses Stripe for all credit/debit card payments.
  • Bandwidth & Data limits subject to Fair Use policy

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