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Shervin Boloorian - Baza

This is the first track from a forthcoming Rumi inspired Sufi album by one of Bali's most celebrated Sound Healer's. This track is just a taster of the album which will be out in September. A single with mixes is due in August. Please see the press release below about the supporting Kickstarter campaign and spread the love in anyway possible if this message resonates with you. Music touches the soul and can bring forth a message of peace and love. Thanks in advance for your time, please contact us for any more information you seek. With love from Bali ♥♥

Refugee Sound Therapist Launches East-West Music for Peace Campaign

Iranian-born vocalist and sound therapist, Shervin Boloorian has launched a new cross-cultural music project to raise awareness about people and sacred cultures from the Middle East. Boloorian’s forthcoming album “One with the Beloved” contains wisdom from world-revered Sufi Master, Rumi, all in original Persian and Arabic languages. The Sufi-inspired album is the beacon centrepiece of a Kickstarter campaign and live music tour which aims to bridge current divides between East and West through Music and Rumi’s universal appeals.
Through “inspiring” Rumi texts in “One with the Beloved”, Boloorian seeks to bring urgently needed attention to conciliatory messages of friendship, compassion, hope, and divine inspiration. Rumi is noted as the top selling poet author in the USA and is respected across the West; his works translate into 23 languages.

Boloorian comments “Rumi’s voice cuts across faith, nationality and ideology; he brings us back to the human experience,” reasons Boloorian, “Opportunities for relating are in high demand today.” I felt strongly that a sacred music project with Rumi as the central inspiration could relay an alternative message to what we commonly hear about Iran, Islam and the Middle East to as many people as possible.”

The album, primarily produced by Ric Peet (Candy Flip/International Peoples Gang), breaks new ground with a unique concept, offering the world’s first Sufi chant (Zikr) in a West African style accompanied by the Kora and additional meditation instruments delivering Western and Eastern flavoured melodies, percussion.

Boloorian’s voice has placed him amongst the most celebrated singers in Bali thanks to his sound healing sessions and debut album (Spirit Night by Candlelight). The new album features an eclectic variety of live instruments to accompany Boloorian’s signature high tenor vocals which include: the Egyptian Ney Flute, Frame Drum, African Kora, Indian Bansuri, Dulcimer, Clarinet, Himalayan Meditation Bowls, Brass Chimes, Spanish Guitar and more.

Boloorian, who for a time advised US-Iran peace coalitions in Washington D.C, has continued to inspire a global audience through his work, recently harnessing his energy to mobilise the community in Bali to back this ambitious project; gaining endorsements for ‘One with the Beloved’ from over a dozen organisations and leaders.

The ‘One with the Beloved’ album is scheduled for general release in September. Boloorian will also be touring many parts of Europe starting in August, with live presentations and interactive music workshops using the album as a platform to “shift attitudes through experiential engagement.”

The tour will later move to Asia, Australia and the US with plans to include storytelling for children and community forums to compliment Boloorian’s live music events.

A full schedule of the forthcoming events and workshops will be available towards the end of the month via the website.

To find out how you can bring success to “One with the Beloved” visit and support this groundbreaking initiative. You can also download a free track without obligation

More about Shervin
Shervin Boloorian, Western-raised refugee based in Bali, is a certified sound therapist, vocalist, workshop presenter and recording artist. Providing his holistic sound therapy and multi-instrumental concerts to thousands of guests over the years and has led fundraising for local causes in Bali through an informal community service program known as the Bali Sound Healers Collective (BSHC). BSHC sound and music events involve local artists and have already successfully raised money for Bali water rights, Bamboo reforestation, youth AIDS awareness amongst other localised Bali causes. For more information on how to support Shervin in bringing Rumi’s peach message to the world visit

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