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Hi-Phi Music - Beautiful Audio is an outlet for music not constricted by genre or style, technology or fashion. Hi-Phi will consistently deliver releases, which are not only beautiful but will also fit in perfectly where played, be it home or office, club or bar. Visit www.hi-phimusic.com for all label information, releases and updates.

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Hi Phi Music
Release Date : June 28th, 2019
Beautiful follow up to 2017's Rare EP from AWITW, Nantes based producer making lovely music across many genres
support from Hoffer 66, Vazik, Teknology Radio, Franco De Mulero, Yarni, Richie Hawtin, Oisin Lunny, Nico De Ceglia , Paco Osuna , La Dame Noir Dancing, Tonite Radio, Nathan Davis, Anderson Noise, Aldrin, No Strings Attached, Irn Blu (Mick Clarke), Jewels Hartnell , Leo Perez (Half seas Over, Alola Records, Chronovision Ibiza, En), Acid Washed / Andrew Claristidge, Eskimo, and 3 more
Hi-Phi Music
Release Date : June 14th, 2019
SAPI3N is a synthesis of sound, music, technology and sonic art.
support from L8M8 a.k.a. Andy Lau, Alec Araujo, Mark Cooper , Graziano Raffa, Richie Hawtin, Marco Balcazar , Balcazar & Sordo , Seb Sapi3n, Alex P, Alberto Blanco, Anderson Noise, Blue Amazon , Nathan Davis, Djs MPAKO, Eskimo, Funkjunkie Highjack Radio, Jewels Hartnell , Joe Shotter, Nico De Ceglia , Man Parris, and 18 more