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Hi-Phi Music - Beautiful Audio is an outlet for music not constricted by genre or style, technology or fashion. Hi-Phi will consistently deliver releases, which are not only beautiful but will also fit in perfectly where played, be it home or office, club or bar.

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Hi-Phi Music
Release Date : October 20th, 2017
A groundbreaking new album is uniting music fans across the globe and creating a new wave of music peace activism the artist, vocalist and leading sound therapist Shervin Boloorian who resides in Bali
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Hi-Phi Music
Release Date : October 13th, 2017
Baza (Come Again) is the first single from Shervin Boloorian's pioneering new Sufi inspired album representing the wisdom of Rumi in musical form.
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Hi Phi Music
Release Date : TBC
The first track from the album 'One with the Beloved' which has been inspired by the writings of Rumi. Shervin Boloorian, one of Bali's most successful Sound Healer's, has been produced by Ric Peet.
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