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Hi-Phi Music - Beautiful Audio is an outlet for music not constricted by genre or style, technology or fashion. Hi-Phi will consistently deliver releases, which are not only beautiful but will also fit in perfectly where played, be it home or office, club or bar. Visit www.hi-phimusic.com for all label information, releases and updates.

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Release Date : September 11th, 2020
Shervin Boloorian's The Medicine Song comes with remixes from Lenny Fontana, New York based DJ/Producer
support from Roger Sanchez, Nico BERNARD, Richie Hawtin, Anthony Pappa , Tracie Storey, Alec Araujo, Gavyn Mytchel , Graziano Raffa, Man Parris, My Evil Twiin, Paco Osuna , The-Zone, Blue Amazon , Global Lounge Radio , Lenny Fontana, Roger Watson, and Curtis Randles
Self Released through Bandcamp
Release Date : April 22nd, 2020
Shervin’s new 12-track album, “I Hear You, Mother Earth,” contains a timely message of coming home to music as medicine from our natural world.
support from Lenny Fontana, Ihouse, DJ Rob Maynard, Alec Araujo, Alex P, Blue Amazon , Global Lounge Radio , Hoffer 66, Lizards, Man Parris, Nico BERNARD, Oisin Lunny, SHMLSS, Solomun, Tim Love Lee, Vazik, Magnetic Mag, Marco Balcazar , Chris Crazy P, Tonite Radio, and 11 more