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Hi-Phi Music - Beautiful Audio is an outlet for music not constricted by genre or style, technology or fashion. Hi-Phi will consistently deliver releases, which are not only beautiful but will also fit in perfectly where played, be it home or office, club or bar. Visit www.hi-phimusic.com for all label information, releases and updates.

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Release Date : December 23rd, 2022
“I Hear You, Mother Earth,” produced by Ric Peet (UK), contains 66 minutes of “medicine” songs. These songs feature acoustic instruments used for sound healing from every corner of the globe.
support from Adam K, Hoffer 66, Man Parris, Paco Osuna , Nathan Davis, Scape One, Acid Washed / Andrew Claristidge, Colin Dale , Tim Love Lee, Vazik, and Richie Hawtin