Hi-Phi Music

Hi-Phi Music - Beautiful Audio is an outlet for music not constricted by genre or style, technology or fashion. Hi-Phi will consistently deliver releases, which are not only beautiful but will also fit in perfectly where played, be it home or office, club or bar.

Recent Campaigns

Republic of Music
Release Date : TBC
Rotten Hill Gang feat. Hollie Cook have 3 new mixes available of Deeper
support from Rob Webb, Martyn Watson, Alberto Blanco, Paco Osuna , Colin Dale , and Warren Mann
Hi Phi Music
Release Date : April 27th, 2018
IPG return with a 4 track collection, the first on Hi-Phi since the Drift EP in Spring 2017.
support from Red Axes, Tonite Radio, Oisin Lunny, Curtis Randles, NEIN, Moni Blue Beat, Numb, Warren Mann, Manmachine, Aldrin, CMF/Villo , DJ Wrighty, 2CV, Decoded Magazine, Ihouse, Alex P, Alec Araujo, Sinchi Chris, Anthony Pappa , David Moreno , and 45 more