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AWITW - Lunar Morning

AWITW, the Nantes based producer, who has been releasing with N I G H T N O I S E among other labels over that last 2 years, returns to Hi-Phi with his follow up of the 2017 release Rare EP. Lunar Morning is a continuation of the LOVE theme, with Nico (AWITW) pouring his heart out on record once again. “The whole EP symbolizes a memory of a night in Paris with a woman I loved in 2013, which took me long time to heal, today I am cured of all this and it allows me to turn the page” muses Nico as he describes the cathartic process of producing this EP. Describing each track we understand the love and passion that has gone into these gorgeous productions:
‘Lunar Morning’ is the magic night, the lunar state in which I was the next morning.
When I left Paris with "Departure" it was a long train ride in dreamy state.
To have seen a bird of prey early in the morning as a liberation with "Seagulls".
With "For Your Skin" echoes a title of Dominique A, a French artist, whose aim is this attraction to the taste of the skin.
And "Ephemeral Night" is just the main purpose of this unforgettable night.

We hope you enjoy this EP as much as we do. As always, we send this music with love ♥

Release Date June 28th, 2019
Catalog No HIPHI16
Label Hi Phi Music
track artist
Ephemeral Night AWITW 4:17
For Your Skin AWITW 5:04
Lunar Morning AWITW 5:12
Seagulls AWITW 4:43
Departure AWITW 5:02
Departure (Must See Remix) AWITW 5:08


Support from Hoffer 66, Vazik, Teknology Radio, Franco De Mulero, Yarni, Richie Hawtin, Nico De Ceglia , Paco Osuna , Oisin Lunny, Eskimo, La Dame Noir Dancing, Simon Deep , Tonite Radio, Nicolas Dales , Nathan Davis, Anderson Noise, Aldrin, No Strings Attached, Ric Peet, Jewels Hartnell , Leo Perez (Half seas Over, Alola Records, Chronovision Ibiza, En), Sossa, Warren Mann, Acid Washed / Andrew Claristidge, Irn Blu (Mick Clarke), Rude Audio, Man Parris, Mark Cooper , Andi Durrant, El Diablo Social Club, Manmachine, Youngs2ar, Alec Araujo, and John B
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