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Just Hear - What We Became

After a little break BTechNoir are back !!

Directly from Slovakia Richard Zagiba, aka Just Hear presents his next EP ‘What We Became’ on BTechNoir Records,

With a total of 2 tracks, this record contains What We Became, a heavy techno track filled with minimal elements and vocals and ‘The Forge’. This last one contains deep groove elements and futuristic arpeggios. You can hear insanely stretched alarm sounds that culminate in a conglomerate of sounds that will make you levitate over the dance floor.

Just hear, dance and enjoy!

Release Date TBC
Catalog No BTN014
Label bTech Noir Records
track artist
What We Became Just Hear 7:25
The Forge Just Hear 6:38
bTech Noir are a further expansion to the ever growing Pro B Tech music Hub,
bTech are amazing to boost the output for the Pro B Tech hub and will concentrate on a darker, Tech House / Techno sound output.
This will enable the overall label / labels to attract a wider audience and artist base.

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