Probtech Records

Pro-B-Tech Records

Pro-B-Tech Records are a new Scottish label that were brought on to the scene in June 2012.

Managed and created by Brent Lawson with the aim to release quality deep and phatter tracks across the musical underground spectrum.

Since the creation of this label things have continued to grow and grow and signings now include TILT, The Underground Allstars, Dave Seaman, Hernan Cattaneo & Martin Garcia, Dpen, llya Gerus, Gon Munzo, Paul Nolan and many more.

Since the beginning things have continued to move at a fast pace and now we have expanded to include additional labels under the hub of Pro B Tech Music.

These now include Pro-B-Tech Records, Pro B Tech Music and our new harder Tech Sounding label BTechNoir.

We can't thank you enough for your continued support

Thanks from all at Pro B Tech.

Recent Campaigns

Pro B Tech Music
Release Date : TBC
Brand new one coming from Ben Summers, with Three remixes from Framewerk and one from Kamilo Sanclemente,
support from Dubfire, Jaap Ligthart, BOg, Nick Warren, Oliver & Tom, DJ Ruby, Baunder, Chris Fortier, Analog Jungs, (Claudio), Lorenzo, Brent Lawson, deepgroove, hernan cattaneo, Lonya, Sweet Musique, NOIYSE Project, NameSpace, danny tenaglia, and Anthony Pappa
Pro B Tech Music
Release Date : April 29th, 2022
We welcome back Pro B regular/resident Menkee with a three tracked EP The Wishgranter, This includes The Unexpected, The Wishgranter original mixes and Four Candles on remix duties
support from Blue Amazon, Lorenzo, Beckers, Ruben, Tini Tun, DJ Ruby, Dave Lambert, Graham Dunn, Brent Lawson, Nic Cavendish, Cristian Varela, Martin Gardoqui, Nick Hibias, Oliver & Tom, BOg, Shayne, Nick Muir, Mitch Alexander, Hernan Serrao, Hot Pink Delorean, and 42 more
Pro B Tech Music
Release Date : July 29th, 2022
support from Kristian Pattison, Ben Mason, Hernan Serrao, James Harcourt, Ben Archbold, Cristian Varela, Ranj Kaler, JELO, Samer, Nic Cavendish, Priya Sen, Joe Berelli, Mitch Alexander, Sebastian Markiewicz, Lynsey, Merlyn Martin, alexia rosati-tippell, Chris Cargo, Joao Coruche, Sergio Matina, and 43 more
Pro B Tech Music
Release Date : June 24th, 2022
support from Nic Cavendish, Anderson Noise, Hot Pink Delorean, Lorenzo, Matt Black, Ben Archbold, Dubfire, Sebastian Markiewicz, Joe Berelli, Brent Lawson, Steve Marx, Walter Gutierrez, Hernan Serrao, Mitch Alexander, WeekenderMix, Lonya, Stefan (Progressive World), David Casto - iDJPool, Dan Seaman, Julian Rodriguez, and 40 more
Pro B Tech Music
Release Date : July 22nd, 2022
support from juan zamanillo, hernan cattaneo, Anderson Noise, Joe Berelli, Hot Pink Delorean, Lonya, Tim French, Abhijith, Ben Archbold, Lorenzo,, Judge Jules, seansines, Graham Dunn, DJ Ruby, Brent Lawson, Tinga, Nick Hibias, Nigel Dawson, Matt Black, and 30 more