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SAPI3N - 04:00am

Press Release
Cat No.: HIPHI17
Artist: SAPI3N
Title: 04:00am
Release Date: 14th June 2019
Label: Hi-Phi Music
Format: MP3 only due to size of WAV files. Email for WAVs

Sebastian Wild aka SAPI3N is a leading light in sonic evolution and is helping transition the world of healing through music, sound and vibration. His company Holistic Audio ( are responsible for illuminating the lives of people living with dementia, autism, Parkinson’s disease and other debilitating human conditions. Seb has developed Vibrasonic products that enable people to literally feel the music coming from within.
As a producer Seb has been working tirelessly with binaural beats and sound to create productions that inspire and elevate the human complex. His work has featured in the Shard in London through the worlds most downloaded Wellness app ‘Headspace’, featuring in their sensory rooms. He also recently took part in a leading discussion panel at Brighton Music conference hosted by Tracie Storey, whose 'Elemental Resonance' album will be out on Hi-Phi in September, with Tom Middleton and Tony Andrews, owner of Funktion One, and Elizabeth Plokker, owner of Amsterdam's Conscious Club.
Hear from Seb as he explains the development of this new album:
“The album 04:00AM is written partly as a chill out companion to those times at the end of a big night when you know you need to go bed! Deliberately more electronic and ambient in style but interwoven with some of the formula I have designed as fresh approach to the relaxation genre. An abstracted contemporary stepping stone to meditation and mindfulness. It is a series of 15 minute sonic journeys that transport you to wherever your imagination takes you. With its simple yet complex rhythms, catchy melodies which are structured and crafted (to satiate our pattern recognition desire in music) and textures that are varied, formless, exciting and lush. With wide spacious noises and beautiful winding drones. This is an introduction to my approach to sound and music, as an answer to the massive chasm that exists between ‘Ambient’ and ‘New Age’.
04:00am was originally born out of the desire to create a more accessible interpretation to the ‘New Age Genre’. An alternative for those (like myself) who are put off by the genres stereotypes and the uninspired tropes. This isn’t background music, it is a carefully constructed journey, designed to transport you from conscious thought into a state of thoughtlessness.
There is a movement globally where sound, music and vibration are being used as a genuine healing modality. Neuroscience is uncovering the neurological benefits music has in our social structure, memories, emotional well-being and overall health. It is time that the new age genre evolved to adapt to this paradigm. What I am doing, along with a handful of others is redefining what is possible. I believe music can be a part of spiritual growth and should still reflect the narrative of the culture from which is sprang.
Music is such a personal experience and something I’ve really come to understand. I don’t want to alienate those who get great benefits from the ‘new age’ scene but bring them along on the journey. I still openly reference some elements from this very broad genre and proudly draw on my love of Indian Classical. It is a subtle art to create and balance this blend of styles and through many, many hours of experimentation I have been able to carve my own path. “
As a twist to the 04:00am release SAPI3N is offering an exclusive second album ‘TRANSC3NDENCE’. This 45 minute audio universe is a complete journey through an otherworldly ambient narrative. It was initially created as a meditative state to soothe the difficulties associated with SAPI3N’S ADHD, a space for his busy mind to unwind. It then became a synthesis of his vision to unite his many styles and influences. This second album is only available with the purchase of 04:00am from his website ( as a secret gift to his fans.
SAPI3N is a synthesis of sound, music, technology and sonic art. His mission: To push the boundaries and unravel the clichés of the new age genre. To communicate through sound that, with positive intention in creativity, healing spaces of all styles can be created.
We hope you enjoy this album as much as we do. As always, we send this music with love ♥

Release Date June 14th, 2019
Catalog No HIPHI17
Label Hi-Phi Music
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