KlangDruide - We Are / Strangers

Jonas Fasching aka KlangDruide is a musician from Berne Switzerland. His new release on Amselcom is about connecting with people through music. As it seems, we are all strangers to someone, until we get to know each other.
The beauty of this human interaction is embedded in his music and wishes to resonate through the sound waves of We Are Strangers.

This philosophical approach includes the thought that it might be impossible to know the other as a whole. But we all know the feeling of friendship, love and belonging to someone else - this is what we want to celebrate with this release.

Keeping this in mind in every encounter you have with a person, can allow you to see what might be covered by your own projection. It holds a chance within itself to not only be more soft and less judgmental about others, but also to free yourself from beliefs you have about your own personality and character.

Release Date September 2nd, 2022
Catalog No Amsel 253
Label Amselcom
track artist
We Are KlangDruide 5:41
Strangers KlangDruide 6:38
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