Dark Punk Hippies - Desertic (incl. SNYL remix)

For our second release on Under The Trees, our Tanzgemeinschaft sub-label, we are moving to Mexico for two long-time friends that go under the moniker Dark Punk Hippies.

They have been exploring different styles, keeping time and place in mind. Now they join us with two certified dancefloor rollers. Guaranteed grooves that will make you move.

Desertic is a psychedelic disco electronic groove. Cheery & pulsating with the arpeggio-style bassline, heady lead lines and grandiose synth chords catch the ear.

Hungary-based SNYL, sure known for his own style, had his take on Desertic. Pumping the groove, adding his layer of style. Making it more lively. Deep boogie vibes with some dancefloor oomph and it for sure will inspire a few hands-in-the-air moments.

Evolve as the last track contains a bit of an afro touch with an organic vibe. A slightly slower pace than the original which gives it a feet-in-the-sound feel.

Enjoy and let us know your thoughts.

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Release Date November 18th, 2022
Catalog No UTT002
Label Under The Trees
track artist
Dark Punk Hippies - Desertic (Original Mix) [Under The Trees] Dark Punk Hippies 6:44
Dark Punk Hippies - Desertic (SNYL Remix) [Under The Trees] Dark Punk Hippies 6:54
Evolve (Original Mix) Dark Punk Hippies 7:26


Thee Cool Cats profile picture
Thee Cool Cats
snyl remix is fire
Da Luka
SNYL remix si my fav here, thnx!!
Lonya profile picture
great ep , support
Das Schöne Leben (Germany) profile picture
Das Schöne Leben (Germany)
nice remix, like the drive
james zabiela profile picture
james zabiela
Desertic is a fun one, thanks
Dimitry Moens (Piraat Soundsystem) profile picture
Dimitry Moens (Piraat Soundsystem)
First EP where all tracks are my taste, great job!
Loving the sounds on "Desertic" (SNYL Remix) awesome work! :) Thanks for the music guys :)
Estiva profile picture
Dan Marciano profile picture
Dan Marciano
Nice !!
DEEP HOUSE BELGIUM profile picture
SNYL for me!
Bryan Wolf Ear profile picture
Bryan Wolf Ear
Cool tune!
Alex Zed profile picture
Alex Zed
Great remix
Pedro Martins profile picture
Pedro Martins
D VOX profile picture
SYNL Remix is the one for me! MONSTER!
Martin Kremser profile picture
Martin Kremser
cool stuff, thank you
ZIGER profile picture
,good work
BOHO profile picture
Styl is fire like always thx
Daesmith profile picture
SNYL remix is also great1
Erly Tepshi
Don Diablo profile picture
Don Diablo
Downloaded for possible future use by Don!
Pat-Rich profile picture
Both Tracks & Remixes are very nice. will try
No Hopes profile picture
No Hopes
solid! thanks
Decoded Magazine (Damion) profile picture
Decoded Magazine (Damion)
Big room tune!
KaNa profile picture
Cool stuff! Thank you for sending!
Nox profile picture
Cool one! WIll try. Thanks.
Airwave profile picture
Thank you for the music! Check my radio show progressions for eventual features!
Dole & Kom profile picture
Dole & Kom
Thank you Will try The SNYL Remix
Hydrogenio profile picture
Christian Homan profile picture
Christian Homan
nice work on all
Ruben Mandolini profile picture
Ruben Mandolini
Nice, thanks!
Di Rugerio profile picture
Di Rugerio
nice remix !
Siro dj profile picture
Siro dj
un E.P. con mucha fuerza y vibración, con 3 temas, uno de ellos remixado de gran calado!!!!
Nic Fanciulli profile picture
Nic Fanciulli
Downloading For Nic Fanciulli, Thank You!
Darin Epsilon profile picture
Darin Epsilon
Solid remix here by SNYL : )
Keef Luv profile picture
Keef Luv
Different fo sure! Liking the vibes of all of them however, SNYL tickles my pickles. Thanks and best of luck for the...
Bynomic profile picture
check my radioshow "solar eclipse" for possible feat. thanks a lot for the music.
Kris Adrian profile picture
Kris Adrian
Full support. SNTL remix is a banger.
Ricardo Espino profile picture
Ricardo Espino
great release !!!
Sasha Carassi profile picture
Sasha Carassi
Ornery profile picture
Alaia & Gallo profile picture
Alaia & Gallo
Downloaded for Alaia & Gallo, Thanks for sending!
Angelov profile picture
Desertic Remix is for me, thx!
Audio Junkies profile picture
Audio Junkies
snyl remix for me, thanks!
Cheets profile picture
Downloading for Global Dance Session, thank you for the music!
Guy Laliberté
Integral Bread profile picture
Integral Bread
Wow! Amazing EP! I love all 3 tracks. Congratulations
Lauren profile picture
Excellent release with 3 nice tracks ! FULL SUPPORT !
Lupe Fuentes profile picture
Lupe Fuentes
Super nice! Support
Meelis Meri profile picture
Meelis Meri
Desertic Original!
Naethan profile picture
SNYL Remix sounds tight!
Miss Luna profile picture
Miss Luna
absolutely love it
Nick Varon profile picture
Nick Varon
SNYL remix for me
Nikki sadeki profile picture
Nikki sadeki
Full support xx
Nihil Young profile picture
Nihil Young
great remix
Pedro Mercado profile picture
Pedro Mercado
Snyl makes the difference, thx!
Oscar G profile picture
Oscar G
very cool! thx
RJ Pickens profile picture
RJ Pickens
Interesting originals here! Thank you!
Sandro Bianchi profile picture
Sandro Bianchi
is great!
Steve Parry profile picture
Steve Parry
Vinayaka profile picture
SNYL remix for me thank you
Dizharmonia profile picture
Snyl remix is sick thnk u
B-Have profile picture
Great progressive track, with hypnotic melody and banging percussion
Shemsu profile picture
Amazing release, SNYL killer remix!!!
dark soul project profile picture
dark soul project
nice remix
Amare profile picture
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