J Swink & Rez Ekbatan - Transport EP

Artist(s): J Swink, Rez Ekbatan
Title: Transport EP
Record Label: Fierce Animal Recordings
Catalogue Number: FRCNML241

1) Interstate (Original Mix)
2) Elevation (Original Mix)
3) Convoy (Original Mix)

J Swink returns to Fierce Animal Recordings to mark his third release with the collective, this time joining forces with fellow American and Fierce Animal debutant Rez Ekbatan to bring you their three-tracker EP, ‘Transport’.

Kicking things off with ‘Interstate’ the duo slam together an energetic four-on-the-floor with a set of tantalising acid synth lines, slowly introducing a range of melodic swirls and stabbing synth lines to create a truly menacing peak time rotation.

Maintaining the pace with a much darker and deeper cut, ‘Elevation’ is dominated by a meaty set of sub heavy kicks, driving the low-ends and leaving room for a range of echoing synth attacks and stereo vocal chops, effortlessly elevating you away.

Rounding off the EP with ‘Convoy’, the duo leave you at your final destination, overlaying a teasing set of melodic synth lines with their signature sprays, building endless intensity to keep you submersed late into the groove.

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Release Date September 17th, 2018
Catalog No FRCNML241
Label Fierce Animal Recordings
track artist
Interstate (Original Mix) J Swink & Rez Ekbatan 8:04
Elevation (Original Mix) J Swink & Rez Ekbatan 6:58
Convoy (Original Mix) J Swink & Rez Ekbatan 7:17
Fierce Animals Recordings is a San Francisco based digital record label dedicated to Tech House, Techno & Minimal. The label launched in 2009, and since then, has been at the forefront of delivering cutting edge dance music & breaking some of the most talented artists in their genre’s. Fierce Animals never uses tranquilizers , but does have a knack for releasing chart topping hits. This is proven with featured releases on Beatport almost every week along with multiple tracks in the top 100 and massive support from some of the worlds top artists. Fierce Animals has solidified itself as one of the top labels today. Welcome to the zoo.

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