Bogota Records

Ivaylo & Jeric - After Detroit EP

We're back with more hot beats and thrilled to give you this lovely collaboration between Ivaylo & Jeric!
After hanging out together at Blackhead Studios in Berlin inspiration striked and this is the result.

As icing on the cake, we invited the mighty Prins Thomas to work his magic in form of a remix and take you on a royal space journey!
Enjoy the ride!

Release Date November 9th, 2020
Catalog No BOG022
Label Bogota Records
track artist
I Got You Ivaylo, Jeric 6:20
After Detroit Ivaylo, Jeric 6:52
I Got You (Prins Thomas Remix) Ivaylo, Jeric 12:04
Bogota Records was founded 2014 in Oslo, by Ivaylo.