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V.A Miami Sampler 2019 - Roush Label

Its that time of year again! We are back with another Miami sampler this year, with tracks from DJ Lugo, CJ Martinez, Space Jump Salute, Fede Aliprandi, David Museen, Erik Christiansen, Franco BA, HouseBreakers & Stuart Stone. DJ Lugo & CJ Martinez kick things off in typical Roush fashion with ‘Children Of The Street’. Scattered hats create an instantly energetic buzz to the track, which also features a wealth of other layered percussive factors. Of course, you can expect robust kicks and a groovy, melodic sub; on top of that, there are other atmospheric and scenic characteristics which give the track some real brightness and colour. Space Jump Salute pulls you ‘Back’, with an intense level of stomping low-frequency appreciation. A rumbling sub and tonal toms combine with a knockout kick and a catchy, pitched vocal hook. Completing this weapon are subtle layers of hats, rides and offbeat fills that add some additional flair. Watch out for this one; it will take your head clean off! ‘Patrol’ comes via Fede Aliprandi and takes the form of a sub-heavy roller. The main body of the track is built around its super-strong bassline and hooky vocal. Add in some quirky transitional sections and mind-bending moments and you’re left with a uniquely flavoured dancefloor thumper. David Museen & Erik Christiansen’s ‘Keyboard Warriors’ takes an explicitly underground, stripped-back approach. Leaning into the territory of minimal and deep tech, yet kept energetic with its layers of rhythmic elements and sampling. A suitably beefy track, with a sophisticatedly subterranean soul. Franco BA follows up with ‘Splash’, a jacking, energetic, peak time track. Full of modern tech house pleasantries and engagingly moreish. A strong melodic sub and well-balanced drums combine extremely well with several layers levels of melody and progressive transitions. A track with plenty of character, more than enough to keep the dancefloor fittingly engrossed. HouseBreakers and Stuart Stone close the show with ‘Pleasure Funk’, a track that does exactly what it says on the tin. An extremely pleasing, funky, house track with a subtle hint of Latin flair. The track packs a soulful punch, with a bright e-bass melody and some incredible jazz flute and guitar sampling. Something really different to round off an impressive VA full of varied vibes. The VA Miami Sampler 2019 is proudly presented by Roush Label.

Release Date March 29th, 2019
Catalog No RSH131
Label Roush Label
track artist
The Children Of The Street - Roush Label DJ Lugo , CJ Martinez 6:16
Back - Roush Label Space Jump Salute 6:07
Patrol - Roush Label Fede Aliprandi 5:49
Keyboard Warrior - Roush Label David Museen, Erik Christiansen 6:41
Splash - Roush Label Franco BA 6:16
Pleasure Funk - Roush Label HouseBreakers, Stuart Stone 5:51
Roush Label is established in Spain by Hector Couto with a clear idea on his mind, offer something different not based on new trends” and the main focus would always be on “Good underground house music”. We are a label with clear ideology and passion on what we do, we are underground, we are Roush Label.

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