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Giorgio Moroder & Donna Summer - Our Love (Nu Pilgrims Remixes) Pitch One Promo

The Nu Pilgrims return after last year’s highly acclaimed official remixes of Giorgio Moroder’s ’The Chase’ which was championed by the likes of Nic Fanciulli, Kissy Sell Out, Ibiza Live Radio, Joyce Muniz, Kiss FM & IDJ Magazine. These Ibiza Residents are back with another Official remix of the 1979 classic ’Our Love’, written by Giorgio Moroder & Donna Summer.

This time they team up with Nolan (aka Timo Garcia) for a beautiful, uplifting soulful, hypnotic Interpretation with those magical vocals from Donna Summer whisking you off to another dimension. To round off the package, the Nu Pilgrims also turn out a NYC tinged Underground House remix taking the classic off on a Balearic twist.

Nu Pilgrims aka DJ Samir (Sam Totalee), Peter & Steve O of Monophunk fame, are a collective of DJ/producers who have been hosting Underground Parties in London and Ibiza for over 25 years. Their sound is influenced from early NY, Detroit and Chicago house.

As always, you are one of a small handful of DJ's to receive this Limited Promo. #Enjoy

Early Tastemaker Reactions:
Dubfire - Deep Dish 5*
Mousse T. 4* Dope!!!!!!
Pete Tong - Radio 1 4* Downloading, Thank You!
Phil Marriott - Gaydio Radio 5* Love it! Supporting to the max.
Jamie Jones - Paradise DC10 5* Sounds cool
Nic Fanciulli 4*
Steve Lawler 5*
DJ Times USA (Editor) 5* Underground mix is KILLA
Mark Doyle - Fierce Angels 4*
This Us Why We Dance Blog 4* Good stuff!
Micky Slim 5*
Jonathan Ulysses - Ibiza - Great work guys xx
Sounds Collective - Stafford FM Radio 5* Top tunes great production and a cracking vocal..
Rob Gritton - Jungle Experience Thailand 5* Great tune
Hoxton Whores 5* Love This
Radio Winchcombe 4* Nice, very nice
Roger Sanchez 4 *
Wally Lopez 4* Will play it on my radio show!
Richie Fingers - Mi House Radio- Radio support here.
Euan Bass - Mi House Radio 4* Driving beat, its in next weeks show
Richie Hawtin - Minus
Como las Greca - Hype Machine 4* Good remixes. Fresh. Premiere on DJ MAG Spain?
Forward Disco - Blog 4* Digging the underground mix!
Per Qx - Defected 4 *
Darren Bouthier - Voices of House Perth 4*
Prysm Radio 4* Support it on our House channel!
Radio FG France - Nice remix
Robert Owens - Cool track
Francesco Mami - DC10/Burning man 5* Superb sound
Agent Greg - Cavos Paradiso - Perfect to set the early vibes!
Riva Starr
Sergio Matina - Hotfingers - Nice one!!!
Quentin Harris - Strictly Rhythm
Beach Radio - Sounds of The Beach 5* Massive thanks, absolutely top notch this!!
DJ Angel 5* YES!!! Absolutely love this Donna's voice sends shivers down my spine, production has a gritty rawness that compliments it so well. Fabulous release full support!
Dave Mayer - Strictly Rhythm 4* Nice!
Des Mitchell - Radio 1/BCM Mallorca - Will use. Nice beats
Daniel Davoli - Black Box - Italy 5* Intense & lovely
Kiss FM - Australia
Vacuii 4* Cool stuff!
Joseph Capriati - DC10/Music On
Gregori Klosman - Marquee Las Vegas 4*
Camilo Franco - Ibiza 4* Love this!
BFBS Radio 4*
DJ Sin Plomo - Ibiza 4* Realy Good Rework.
Kryder - Tomorrowland 4*
Jay Kay - Faith 5* LOVE THIS
Chris Fortier - Bedrock
DJ Yves Eaux - Noir/Spinnin/Baroque 5*Both cuts are very cool! I imagine myself on a tropical beach with sexy influencers in bikini's. Thanks for that ;)
Club Planet USA 4* Great remix
Les Calvert - Liverpool - Nice!!
Flash Bros - Toolroom 4* Nice one!
Time FM London 4* My fave.
Allister Whitehead 4* Lovely production. Untiously deep. It's good.
DJ Escape - Strictly Rhythm NYC
Ken Fan - Cafe del Mar Ibiza - Old skool vibes
Paco Osuna - DC-10/Music On
Gareth Wyn - Cream Ibiza - Cool track this
Tom Novy - Pacha Ibiza - Will play this
Dan&Dan - Ibiza Rocks 5* Whats not to like
Shiba San - Dirtybird 4*
Guido's Lounge Cafe 4* Excellent
Christian Homan - RTE FM Pulse Dublin 4*
Gene Farris - Cajual Records 5* Great!!!
Jodie Harsh - Glastonbury/Bestival 4* Smooth & sexy
Sonica Ibiza Radio - Any Wilson - Both mixes top quality and with Donna Summer's great voice on top can't go wrong!
RogerSeventyTwo 5* Thanks! Lovely
Chris lake 4*


Label Socials:

Release Date November 27th, 2020
Catalog No SOL059
Label Solaris records
track artist
Our Love (Nu Pilgrims & Nolan Classic Remix) Giorgio Moroder & Donna Summer 6:44
Our Love (Nu Pilgrims Underground Remix) Giorgio Moroder & Donna Summer 6:12
Our Love (Nu Pilgrims & Nolan Classic Radio Edit) Giorgio Moroder & Donna Summer 4:32
Our Love (Nu Pilgrims Underground Radio Edit) Giorgio Moroder & Donna Summer 3:32


DMC World Magazine profile picture
DMC World Magazine
Really nice track, underground mix also groovalicious...
Kryder - Tomorrowland profile picture
Kryder - Tomorrowland
Downloaded for Kryder!
Christian Homan - RTE FM Pulse Dublin profile picture
Christian Homan - RTE FM Pulse Dublin
Nice work on this.
Roger Sanchez profile picture
Roger Sanchez
Thanks for the music, Roger.
Time FM London profile picture
Time FM London
My fave.
Jodie Harsh - Glastonbury/Bestival  profile picture
Jodie Harsh - Glastonbury/Bestival
Smooth and sexy
Francesco Mami - DC10/Burning man profile picture
Francesco Mami - DC10/Burning man
Superb sound
Wally Lopez profile picture
Wally Lopez
Will play it on my radio show!
Derrick McKenzie - Mi House Radio profile picture
Derrick McKenzie - Mi House Radio
Top Stuff lovei this track!!!
Neal McClelland - Cool FM profile picture
Neal McClelland - Cool FM
Very very hot xx
Nic Fanciulli profile picture
Nic Fanciulli
Thank You!
Dubfire (Deep Dish) profile picture
Dubfire (Deep Dish)
Camilo Franco - Ibiza profile picture
Camilo Franco - Ibiza
Love this!
Analytic Trail  profile picture
Analytic Trail
Downloading for Markantonio…thanks for the music !
Guido's Lounge Cafe  profile picture
Guido's Lounge Cafe
Jamie Jones - Paradise DC10 profile picture
Jamie Jones - Paradise DC10
Sounds cool
Gene Farris - Cajual Records profile picture
Gene Farris - Cajual Records
Daniel Davoli - Black Box - Italy profile picture
Daniel Davoli - Black Box - Italy
Intense & lovely
Hoxton Whores profile picture
Hoxton Whores
Shiba San - Dirtybird profile picture
Shiba San - Dirtybird
Mousse T. profile picture
Mousse T.
Club Planet USA profile picture
Club Planet USA
Great remix
Steve Lawler (ViVa Warriors) profile picture
Steve Lawler (ViVa Warriors)
Kurd Maverick - Ibiza Global Radio profile picture
Kurd Maverick - Ibiza Global Radio
Love it
DJ Times - Jim Tremayne (Editor) profile picture
DJ Times - Jim Tremayne (Editor)
Underground mix is KILLA
Chris Lake profile picture
Chris Lake
Downloading, Thank You!
BFBS Radio - Neil Moore profile picture
BFBS Radio - Neil Moore
Pete Tong - Radio 1 profile picture
Pete Tong - Radio 1
Downloading, Thank You!
Gregori Klosman - Marquee Las Vegas profile picture
Gregori Klosman - Marquee Las Vegas
Allister Whitehead profile picture
Allister Whitehead
Nice. lovely production. Untiously deep. Certainly different from the original. Not sure anyone would know it was Don...
DJ Sin Plomo - Ibiza
Realy Good Rework.
Como las Greca - Hype Machine profile picture
Como las Greca - Hype Machine
Good remixes. Fresh. The sound of classic If you need a premiere on DJ MAG ES, let me know
Rob Gritton - Jungle Experience Thailand
Great tune for my warm ups/pool side sets thanks :)
Support from Alex Taylor - Ibiza, Alex Anderson - SW4 Festival/MOS, Nathan Harding - Point Blank FM, Nick Davies - Radio Winchcombe, Flash Bros - Toolroom, Jay Kay - Faith, Phil Marriott - Gaydio Radio, DJ Angel , Robert Owens, Agent Greg - Cavos Paradiso, Richie Hawtin - Minus, DJ Yves Eaux - Noir/Spinnin/Baroque, Radio FG France, Kev (Manhattan Projject), Des Mitchell - Radio 1/BCM Mallorca, RogerSeventyTwo, Matt Caseli - Pacha, Mark Doyle - Fierce Angels, Riva Starr, Dan&Dan - Ibiza Rocks, Andy Wilson - Ibiza Sonica Radio, Gareth Wyn - Cream Ibiza, Ken Fan - Cafe del Mar Ibiza, Simon Lawrence - London, Aad Mouthaan - Spinnin Deep, Richie Fingers - Mi House Radio, Quentin Harris - Strictly Rhythm, Sergio Matina - Hotfingers, Damian Lazarus - Crosstown Rebels, Joseph Capriati - DC10/Music On, Paco Osuna - DC-10/Music On, Vanilla ACE (Phonetic, Suara), This Is Why We Dance, Forward Disco - Blog, Darren Bouthier - Voices of House Perth, DJ Escape - Strictly Rhythm NYC, Dave Mayer - Strictly Rhythm, Jourdan Bordes - Phonetic/Om Recs, Vacuii, Jonathan Ulysses - Ibiza, Kiss FM - Australia (Director), Prysm Radio, Euan Bass - Mi House Radio, Chris Fortier - Bedrock/Fade, Per Qx - Defected, Les Calvert - Liverpool, Beach Radio - Sounds of The Beach, Tom Novy - Pacha Ibiza, Micky Slim, and Sounds Collective - Stafford FM Radio
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