Savaaq - Home Again (incl. AlexC. Remix)

Pre-order: 11/03/2022
Official release: 25/03/2022

We are very glad to welcome Savaaq to our label. Hailing from Bergamo (Italy) this talent delivered an emotive & haunting dub techno workout.

"Home again" employs a classic dub techno feel through a dense atmosphere, dark & haunting chords, a dusty off-beat hi-hat and hypnotizing percussion.

AlexC. is back with a great remix coming from his hand. With this remix, we are edging into darker territories via a menacing bass groove, bubbling delays and skippy drums, while ornate modulations wind within.

Lluvia strips things back to stuttering chords and ethereal swells, driving the arrangement amongst muted drums and minute percussive hits.


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** Tanzgemeinschaft **

** Savaaq **

** AlexC.**

Release Date March 25th, 2022
Catalog No TGMS050
Label Tanzgemeinschaft
track artist
Home Again (Original Mix) Savaaq 6:34
Lluvia (Original Mix) Savaaq 7:03
Home Again (AlexC. Remix) Savaaq 6:20


Ornery profile picture
Excellent release!
Tom Novy profile picture
Tom Novy
In my Radio Show
Ricky Ryan profile picture
Ricky Ryan
Nice depth, Thanks
Asonante profile picture
Really good Ep, thanks.
CITIZEN KAIN profile picture
Super, thank you for the music
Very good EP. AlexC. Remix is my fav here
EELKE KLEIJN profile picture
Downloading to listen, thanks.
Fernando Olaya profile picture
Fernando Olaya
Home Again is cool, thanks!
Gai Barone (Patterns) profile picture
Gai Barone (Patterns)
Madd Rod profile picture
Madd Rod
Great EP!
Mark Mac (The Sounds Collective) profile picture
Mark Mac (The Sounds Collective)
3 cool tunes folks with the Original version of Home again hitting the points for me. Cheers
Coool !
Twilight Music Sculpture profile picture
Twilight Music Sculpture
Loved how AlexC brought some darkness to the track in his remix!
Keef Luv profile picture
Keef Luv
Rain, long may it reign... Lovin Lluvia. What a versatile label you are. Awesome ear-candy with full support from Dee...
Tim Penner profile picture
Tim Penner
So nice
oovation profile picture
AlexC. Remix for me! Thanks for sending
Dan Marciano profile picture
Dan Marciano
Cool !
Donda profile picture
Excellent music, amazing job, thanks a lot for sharing
Sweet Melodic profile picture
Sweet Melodic
Solid Track, love it !
CREAM profile picture
Great EP, thanks!
Tuff London profile picture
Tuff London
Imran Mwangi profile picture
Imran Mwangi
I love the remix too but the original mix takes the win for me. All 3 releases are dope!
D VOX profile picture
So much emotion here. EXCELLENT!
DJ Lora profile picture
DJ Lora
Feels like a sunset..
Integral Bread profile picture
Integral Bread
Hi Quality EP!! Too difficult to choose a favourite this time! Thanks a lot!
Dimitry Moens (Piraat Soundsystem) profile picture
Dimitry Moens (Piraat Soundsystem)
Essential deep tunes, love that AlexC remix in particular!
Fractal Architect
Murder By Sound profile picture
Murder By Sound
Lluvia (Original Mix) my favourite. Lovely beats & percussion arrangement. Synths sound so good, very uplifting & dre...
FG Radio profile picture
FG Radio
top tune
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