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Iwana 01 (tracks by Ken Zo, Dylan Carroll, Kase Kochen, Gabriel Moraes and more!)

The Arawakan indigenous word for Iguana; IWANA illustrates this fascinating exotic specimen of the animal world, the most evolute of which, shift their colours according to mood.

This concept embodies the sensory journey the IWANA series provides, each edition of IWANA presenting Bassic in one of it’s varied vibrant colours.

IWANA 01 exhibits the deeper, darkened edge. Ever sensational and occasionally twisted, displaying progressive and psychedelic projects from a blend of Australian and international talents.

Release Date June 11th, 2018
Catalog No BSSVA03
Label Bassic Records
track artist
Dancing Fairies (Monotreme Remix) Ken Zo 6:46
Ketapillar (Biomass & Vis Vires Remix) Concrescent 10:20
Look At Yourself Ark-E-Tech, Mecca 8:59
Asteroid In Orbit Kase Kochen 7:10
Ghost Shell MNGRM 7:56
Archaea (Axon's Mix) Axon. & Smilk 8:11
This Moment (One Man Orchestra Remix) Doppel, Ken Zo 8:22
We Wombats (Gabriel Moraes Remix) Ark-E-Tech, Kase Kochen 7:47
Switch (Dylan Carroll Remix) Bass To Pain Converter 6:13
Creatures Bass To Pain Converter 7:44
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