DeeVu Records

DeeVu a brand new label specialising in high quality original tunes.

We will be sending you some cool original tracks and well as quality remixes from artists, remixers and producers from across the UK. for more information email or call us on 020 7043 23 24.

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DeeVu Records
Release Date : March 9th, 2018
The new single "Relatch" is produced by renowned producer iShi (Eshraque "iSHi" Mughal) and features Shenie Fogo on the vocal, there are also mixes from Ruffloaderz, Angel Farringdon and Jochen Simms
support from Low Steppa, DJ Bryant Littlejohn, Cedric Gervais, Angel Farringdon, Od Beats, Gordon West, Adam Hyjek, Andrés Machado, Andrew Wilson, Danny Furlong, DJ Lolly, Don Diablo, Four 40 Records, Jack Frost, Jaybee, Nick Fiorucci, Nate Barker, Fabien, DJ Pacha, Luigi Madonna, and 118 more
DeeVu Records
Release Date : January 26th, 2018
Singer songwriter, producer Jack Rose brings you his latest original track "Are You Gonna Stay"
support from DJ Sega, Dj Ease, Treasure Fingers, David, The Sassy Yank, Cedric Gervais, Don Diablo, Marc Spence, Nick Fiorucci, Tom Swoon, DJ Steven, Od Beats, Kai, Deekline, Darren D'vinyl, Mike, Morgan Andrews, Jason Western, billy butler, Doc Trashz, and 102 more
DeeVu Records
Release Date : November 24th, 2017
Stardust is a collaboration between some well known musicians, a vocalist who is an industry veteran, and a producer who has seen lots of love from Radio 1, and of course Silverland himself.
support from Don Diablo, Mix Feed Agency, Davide Squillace, Utah Saints, Mitch, Robbie Rivera, The Sassy Yank, Cedric Gervais, Cassie, Danny Foster, DJ Lee Harris, DJ Phantasy, DJ Steven, Jack Frost, Joachim Garraud, Phoole, The Mekanism, Treasure Fingers, Marco, Sergio Matina, and 157 more