DeeVu is a UK based company, we specialise in producing high-quality original music, we also supply artists and DJ's for PAs, across multiple genres, which includes, House, Tech House, UK Garage, Deep House and Drum & Bass and commercial Pop.

We are currently representing and distributing original music and remixes for artists and labels such as:

Ben Ofoedu (Phats And Small), Helen T, Acid Dolphin Recordings, DeeVu Records, Rabbit Noize Music, Pink Panda, RIP Productions, Carpe Diem, Kele Le Roc, Angel Gold, FunkT3ch, DJ Fen, Jochen Simms, Dead Moth Records, Tall Paul, Jack Rose, DeepMass, Andy Galea, Sound Of Underground London, Soul Seekerz, Mike Delinquent, Danny Foster, Silverland, Feeze, Jonathan Ulysses, Kevin Energy, Nick Coles, Rogue, Robbie Craig, Ziey Kizzy, Ruffloaderz, NU Energy DnB, Fenton G, Franklin Lake, Deeper Sound Of Underground London and Nathan Grisdale

Unlike promo companies, we will not be spamming your inbox with loads of releases, we only send between 1 and 5 high-quality hand-picked exclusive releases per month from some outstanding artists, remixers and producers from across the UK.

For more information or if you would like to ensure that we have you in the correct genre groups please email or call us on 020 7043 23 24.

Kind Regards,

The DeeVu Crew

Recent Campaigns

DeeVu Records
Release Date : February 15th, 2019
This is the first official release from remix and production duo MDB. The pair have seen success on national radio with a number of their remixes over the last few moths..
support from Simon Wilson, Detlef Promo, DJ Roog, Larnie Moles, Treasure Fingers, Don Diablo, J Maby, Paul Hawcroft, Marc F, Kaosdj, DJ Simont, Barley DJ, DJ Frisco, Lawrence Anthony, Andrew Parsons, Ben Mabon, Andrew, Carlos Norlen, Danny Noble, Darryl, and 142 more
DeeVu Records
Release Date : February 1st, 2019
Reese - Keep Your Heart
support from Don Diablo, Detlef Promo, Larnie Moles, Lewis Dene, Simon Wilson, Andy Wetson, Dan Blackout Music, DJ Charlie Rogers, DJ Pacha, Andrew Galea Sol Brothers &Nightstylers, James Braybrooke, Peter Cable, Jason Western, Fat Fly, DJ Matt Fury, DJ Chris Colby, DJ Pookie, Smokey Beats, Victor Sanchez, Widenose, and 146 more
Acid Dolphin Recordings
Release Date : February 8th, 2019
This is the second release from the remix and production duo from London.
support from Sergio Matina, DJ Roog, Junior Sanchez, Roni size, Andy Lysandrou, Jack Frost, Roger Sanchez, Colin Edwards, Atom Pushers, Nick Fiorucci, Don Diablo, Jaybee, Kai, Thee Cool Cats, Detlef Promo, Miles Oneill, DJ Bryant Littlejohn, David, J Maby, DJ Pacha, and 188 more
DeeVu Records
Release Date : February 15th, 2019
Futosé’s outstanding sounds and ability to diversify his style has lead to him obtaining remixes from some incredibly high profile artists in recent months.
support from Bit Error, Larnie Moles, DJ Tommy, Nick Fiorucci, Ardell Mafi, Don Diablo, Jack Frost, Charlie Lane, Detlef Promo, Dan Blackout Music, Marc Crowell, Slip Master Sky J, Dean Smith, DJ Kenny Brain, DJ Pacha, Andi Durrant, Tom Costello, DJ Mr Harrison, DJ Pookie, Jeffers, and 153 more
DeeVu Records
Release Date : February 22nd, 2019
Charlie Lane is a producer and DJ from Exeter, UK, who has been releasing music around the world since 2015. Charlie’s music has featured in the sets of some of the worlds biggest DJs.
support from DJ Pacha, Sergio Matina, Steven Horrobin, Der Schleifer, Motion Music, DJ Roog, Don Diablo, Nick Fiorucci, Silva Sufer, Gary Gormley, Kevin, Richy Ahmed, Detlef Promo, Karren SLK, Larnie Moles, Joe Stone, John Foulds, Andy Lysandrou, StoneBridge, Neil Garrett, and 221 more
DeeVu Records
Release Date : December 14th, 2018
Up and coming Netherlands based producers Markus Janssen and Lucas Meijer otherwise known as Funkt3ch have teamed up with renowed producers Danny Foster and Rogue and vocalist Blaize to bring this dan
support from Jack Frost, Roger Sanchez, Treasure Fingers, Detlef Promo, DJ Steven, Matt Jam Lamont, Abyss Digital, Jaybee, Thee Cool Cats, Robba, StoneBridge, Colin Edwards, Don Diablo, JPhelpz, Mark Eteson, Nick Fiorucci, Tony Records, Tall Paul, Andy Wetson, Cedric Gervais, and 304 more
Sound Of Underground London
Release Date : December 14th, 2018
Danny Foster Featuring Kele Le Roc - Magic (2 Step Garage Mix)
support from Cassie, Kai, Hazee, DJ Pacha, Neil Brown, Tanertash, Denco, Mr Chimps, Garage Zone, Karren SLK, DJ Wisk, Alessandro, Househeds, Tomo, The Not Sures, DJ Blenda, Andrew Haegersmith, Alias Rhythm, Danny H, Ben Mabon, and 96 more