DeeVu is a UK based company, we specialise in producing high-quality original music, we also supply artists and DJ's for PAs, across multiple genres, which includes, House, Tech House, UK Garage, Deep House and Drum & Bass and commercial Pop.

We are currently representing and distributing original music and remixes for artists and labels such as:

Ben Ofoedu (Phats And Small), Helen T, Acid Dolphin Recordings, DeeVu Records, Rabbit Noize Music, Pink Panda, RIP Productions, Carpe Diem, Kele Le Roc, Angel Gold, FunkT3ch, DJ Fen, Jochen Simms, Tall Paul, Jack Rose, DeepMass, Andy Galea, Sound Of Underground London, Soul Seekerz, Mike Delinquent, Danny Foster, Silverland, Feeze, Jonathan Ulysses, Kevin Energy, Nick Coles, Rogue, Robbie Craig, Ziey Kizzy, Ruffloaderz, NU Energy DnB, Fenton G, Franklin Lake, Deeper Sound Of Underground London and Nathan Grisdale

Unlike promo companies, we will not be spamming your inbox with loads of releases, we only send between 1 and 5 high-quality hand-picked exclusive releases per month from some outstanding artists, remixers and producers from across the UK.

For more information or if you would like to ensure that we have you in the correct genre groups please email or call us on 020 7043 23 24.

Kind Regards,

The DeeVu Crew

Recent Campaigns

DeeVu Records
Release Date : August 24th, 2018
Jack Rose is a 16-year-old singer songwriter from Ashford, Kent in the united Kingdom. Jacks new release "Birthday Cake" has funky old school undertones with a cool modern vocal.
support from Jack Frost, Cliff Randle, Locodice, Andy Wetson, DJ Richie Don, Larnie Moles, Luigi Madonna, DJ MV, Paolo Tossio, Angel Farringdon, D FJ, Hazee, DJ Paul Newman, B:Sure, DJ Gleb, Andrea Fiorino, NRJ Russia, DJ Jay Kay, Househeds, Benny V, and 101 more
DeeVu Records
Release Date : July 20th, 2018
Following their recent hit remixes and summer anthem " Love it like that " Pink Panda now deliver a slice of pure class in their brand new release " Live it up "
support from Nick Fiorucci, Luigi Madonna, Feddele, Larnie Moles, DJ Richie Don, Cassie, Atom Pushers, Don Diablo, DJ Phantasy, DJ Pacha, Mark, DJ Scope, Jamie Hetherington, Sarah J, KVN Hoodless, Andrew Galea Sol Brothers &Nightstylers, Edward Pearce, DJ Krazy G, DJ Ron, DJ Punzo, and 190 more
DeeVu Records
Release Date : July 13th, 2018
The duo are determined to establish themselves further in the industry and aim to continue to add to the list of household names they can say they've played amongst already.
support from Luigi Madonna, Andy Wetson, Sergio Matina, Nick Fiorucci, Cassie, Don Diablo, Larnie Moles, Sound Fausto, DJ Jay Kay, Troy Mead, Gryffin Richards, Nate Barker, DJ Matt Fury, Richy Hawtin, Eddie J Santos, Edward Pearce, DJ Joe, Brown Sneakers, Nord Wave, Kai, and 137 more
Acid Dolphin Recordings
Release Date : July 20th, 2018
This is the first original release from Netherlands based production duo FunkT3ch. The track which is to be released on Acid Dolphin Recordings is a catchy rolling summertime banger.
support from Beata Mines, Jaybee, Luigi Madonna, Josh Coakley, Roger Sanchez, DJ Phantasy, Chris Jackson, D.O.N.S., Sergio Matina, Toca Disco, Richy Ahmed, Cassie, Kai, Nick Fiorucci, Don Diablo, DJ Roog, DJ Passion, Guido Slounge, Jason Laidback, Dexta Mitchell, and 248 more
DeeVu Records
Release Date : July 6th, 2018
This is the latest release from 2Drunk2Funk which features south london singer songwriter Ziey Kizzy. The track "Feeling" sees them team up with producers Randall Joyce and FunkT3ch.
support from Jaybee, Andy Wetson, Cedric Gervais, Jack Frost, Josh Coakley, Kai, Larnie Moles, Don Diablo, Nick Fiorucci, Luigi Madonna, Lars Krebs, Greg Zizique, Patty B, Househeds, DnB Noize, Eddie J Santos, Naked Beatz, AKL, Andrew Haegersmith, Andy Warburton, and 201 more
DeeVu Records
Release Date : June 29th, 2018
This is the latest release from singer songwriter Ziey Kizzy from South London which features Unesha Maria and sees him team up with producers Angel Farringdon and FunkT3ch.
support from Andrea Fiorino, DJ Roog, Jack Frost, Kai, Larnie Moles, Tocadisco, Emmanuel Joya, Josh Coakley, Davide Squillace, Frank Frenzy, Nick Fiorucci, Jason Laidback, Luigi Madonna, Marc Crowell, Scott Walker , Kevin Energy, Cold Chicago Music, DJ Pacha, DJ Huckleberry Finn, Paul Manners, and 184 more