Get Real! Management & Records

Get Real! is a boutique label, music management company, representing a wide variety of leading and up-and-coming record labels, brands and artists world-wide.

Music Management: Belocca (techno/tech-house), Park & Sons (techno/house), Redford (House)
Label Management: Enroute, Get Real! Records, Kobra Records, Mainground Music

Recent Campaigns

Mainground Music
Release Date : June 12th, 2020
The Beauty (Bumble Bee) meets the Beast (Amadeus)
support from Leo Garriga, Lexlay, Kiss FM (Melbourne), Timmy, Hansol, Sebastien (Hardwell On-air), Clint Maximus (The Edge Radio Show), and Sasha
White Label
Release Date : TBC
This classic track by the legend that is Mousse T has been steaming up his studio for a while and finally found the balance of paying homage to the original but giving it a fresh coat of paint as well
support from Lauer & Canard, Mark Knight, Leo Garriga, Global House Radio (ES), Sushino, Prysm Radio, France (David), Traxsource (Dan Klokow), Don Diablo, Todd Terry, David Penn, Sebastien (Hardwell On-air), and Kiss FM (Melbourne), Timmy
Mainground Music
Release Date : May 15th, 2020
Mother Earth is the mother of us all.
support from Park & Sons, Kiss FM (Ukraine), Anton, Lexlay, Hansol, Pookie, Marcellus Wallace, Peter Kay (WMIX Mix 93FM), Marc Stout (B96 Chicago & XS Las Vegas), Clint Maximus (The Edge Radio Show), Sebastien (Hardwell On-air), Leo Garriga, Kiss FM (Melbourne), Timmy, Paco Osuna, Richie Hawtin, and M2O (IT), Andrea Rango
Mainground Music
Release Date : April 17th, 2020
Belocca and Korean techno dj/producer Pierre Blanche met for the very first time in the creative and rich soil of Resistance/Ultra 2019 in Seoul.
support from Luigi Madonna, Hansol, K-Style, Jason Chance, Spartaque, Pookie, Dubfire, Paco Osuna, Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Sebastien (Hardwell On-air), Kiss FM (Melbourne), Timmy, and M2O (IT), Andrea Rango
Kobra Records
Release Date : March 27th, 2020
The musical journey of Park & Sons continues with the forth EP released on Kobra Records, the Rana EP
support from Nico Morano, Flux BPM (GR), Belocca, Danny Howard, Leo Garriga, Slam FM (Jochem), Jason Chance, Hansol, Pookie, Drumcomplex, Kiss FM (Melbourne), Timmy, Clint Maximus (The Edge Radio Show), Richie Hawtin, Sasha, K-Style, Paco Osuna, and Marco Carola
Mainground Music
Release Date : March 13th, 2020
In astrology 2020 is the year of the moon, which orbits planet earth like a Natural Satellite.
support from Spartaque, Pookie, Lexlay, K-Style, Jason Chance, Leo Garriga, Damian Wilson (David Guetta Radio), Clint Maximus (The Edge Radio Show), Sebastien (Hardwell On-air), Luigi Madonna, Paco Osuna, Kiss FM (Melbourne), Timmy, and Richie Hawtin
White Label
Release Date : TBC
This classic belter is getting a rough 'n funky 909 overhaul by Redford. Just the way we like 'em!
support from Chus & Ceballos, K-Klass (Russ), Belocca, Tinlicker, Clint Maximus (The Edge Radio Show), Don Diablo, DJ Roog, Slam FM (Jochem), Sebastien (Hardwell On-air), Graham Sahara, Danny Rampling, Chris Lake, Oliver Portameno (GAWP), DJ Jurgen, Jason Chance, Peter Kay (WMIX Mix 93FM), Joris Voorn, Capital FM Liverpool (UK), Anton Powers, Roger Sanchez, Leo Garriga, and 7 more
Mainground Music
Release Date : January 24th, 2020
First of all we would like to thank all the DJ's, DSP's, promotors, radio stations, online platforms and last but not least all the fans for a fantastic 2019.
support from Kai Tracid, Hansol, Emanuel Satie, Lexlay, Spartaque, Peter Kay (WMIX Mix 93FM), Kiss FM (Ukraine), Anton, Pookie, Oliver Carloni, Marco Carola, Paco Osuna, T78, Damian Wilson (David Guetta Radio), Sebastien (Hardwell On-air), Richie Hawtin, M2O (IT), Andrea Rango, and Kiss FM (Melbourne), Timmy