InHouse Records

American Dance Label founded by DJ & Producer Todd Terry. Home to artists such as House of Gypsies, Roland Clark, Roog, Dennis Quin, Ant LaRock, Alaia & Gallo, Gabriel & Castellon, Gypsymen, Black Riot, Royal House

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InHouse Records
Release Date : January 20th, 2023
From the mind of Steve Mac comes a wild old skool razor edit, it's banging! You have to hear this! 🎧 Listen on all platforms:
support from Tedd Patterson, Tommy Sunshine, Jay Potter, Mike ivy, Aydin, Federico Scavo, Graeme Park, Norbert Borchers, Paul Ross, Robbie Rivera, Sam Divine, Vanilla Ace, Alexander Technique, Neal McClelland, Roog, Danny Rampling, DJ FRANK LAMBOY, DJIgybj, Darryl Awesome Owens, Rafa Canton, and 57 more
Terminator Records
Release Date : January 6th, 2023
Todd Terry tech house banger gets the rough-edged Terminator techno treatment from Alexander Technique on this genre-bending collaboration.
support from Joe Ventura, Mike ivy, Lupe Fuentes, DJ FRANK LAMBOY, Joeseph Mercado, Joachim Garraud, Neal McClelland, Norbert Borchers, Robbie Rivera, Vanilla Ace, Roog, Michael Stukes, Dan Morgan, Pascal Desloovere, Jay-T, Paul Vega, Danny Worthy, Darryl Awesome Owens, DJ Mike Marquez, DJIgybj, and 38 more
Freeze Records
Release Date : December 16th, 2022
Full-throttle club heat from the mind of Todd. Support by charting and playlisting, Thanks! 🎧 Listen on all platforms:
support from Van D, Steve Lawler, Chip E., Carl Craig, Darryl James, DJ Dove, Vanilla Ace, Joe Ventura, Lunoe Promo, Lenny Fontana, Michael Gray, Norbert Borchers, Robbie Rivera, Tedd Patterson, Mr. V, Paul Ross, Graeme Park, Mike ivy, Tony Walker, Barry Noordover, and 67 more
InHouse Records
Release Date : December 2nd, 2022
Producer Todd Terry creates the foundational funky house-flavored club beat for singer-songwriter Syon to shine. Support by charting and playlisting. Thanks!
support from Graeme Park, Lenny Fontana, Lunoe Promo, Neal McClelland, Paul Ross, Vanilla Ace, Darryl James, Mike ivy, Norbert Borchers, Tedd Patterson, Sam Divine, Van D, Mark Higgins, Jason Norris, Michael Stukes, Freddy Turner, Parrish Wintersmith, Barry Noordover, Benji Candelario, Danny Worthy, and 53 more
InHouse Records
Release Date : November 4th, 2022
A driving house groove creates the foundation of the spoken word topline 🎧 Listen on all platforms:
support from Steve Lawler, Junior Sanchez, Mike ivy, DJ FRANK LAMBOY, David Morales, Jay Potter, Joachim Garraud, Lunoe Promo, Neal McClelland, Norbert Borchers, Roger Sanchez, Sam Divine, Van D, Vanilla Ace, Robert Owens, Tedd Patterson, Roog, Darryl James, Mark Higgins, Marco Carola, and 50 more
InHouse Records
Release Date : October 28th, 2022
Classic gospel vocal by the queen Shirley Caesar reworked as a house music club track by Todd 🎧 Listen on all platforms:
support from Graeme Park, Hector Romero, DJ Rae, Jay Potter, Lenny Fontana, Danny Rampling, DJ FRANK LAMBOY, Vanilla Ace, Paul Ross, Mike ivy, Norbert Borchers, Guy Gerber, DJ Dove, Lunoe Promo, Steve Lawler, Van D, Darryl James, Christian Homan, Tony Walker, Jamie Topham, and 78 more
InHouse Records
Release Date : October 26th, 2022
From Todd's live set an exclusive DJ only remix of a deep classic house vocal track 🎧 Listen on all platforms:
support from Neal McClelland, Tony Cortese, Lunoe Promo, Danny Rampling, DJ Rae, DJ FRANK LAMBOY, Graeme Park, Mr. V, Robert Owens, Norbert Borchers, Vanilla Ace, Van D, Steve Lawler, Mike ivy, Russell Ruckman, Mark Manning, Jac & Hutch, Jason Norris, Marc Montano, DJ Hideki, and 70 more
InHouse Records
Release Date : October 26th, 2022
🎧 Listen on all platforms:
support from Tedd Patterson, Junior Sanchez, Tony Cortese, Danny Rampling, David Penn, DJ FRANK LAMBOY, Guy Gerber, Lunoe Promo, Lenny Fontana, Neal McClelland, Norbert Borchers, Van D, Mr. V, Steve Lawler, Mike ivy, Vanilla Ace, DJ Scott Wilson, Mark Manning, Jac & Hutch, DJ Matrix, and 73 more
InHouse Records
Release Date : September 1st, 2022
Chart This! DJ/Production duo Wh0 delivers a high-energy house banger remix interpretation of the Todd Terry classic. The timeless Martha Wash and Jocelyn Brown vocal hook anchors this rework.
support from Danny Rampling, Susinho, Darryl James, Chip E., Aydin, DJ Rae, Joachim Garraud, Lupe Fuentes, Matt, Neal McClelland, Roog, Roger Sanchez, Steve Lawler, Sam Divine, Tough Love, Vanilla Ace, Tommy Sunshine, Ashley Jones, Mike ivy, Norbert Borchers, and 93 more