InHouse Records

American Dance Label founded by DJ & Producer Todd Terry. Home to artists such as House of Gypsies, Roland Clark, Roog, Dennis Quin, Ant LaRock, Alaia & Gallo, Gabriel & Castellon, Gypsymen, Black Riot, Royal House

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Freeze Records
Release Date : September 22nd, 2023
This isn't just music; it's a journey into the heart of the dancefloor. The edgy beats and hypnotic vocal samples converge to create an experience that defies boundaries and genre limitations.
support from Joachim Garraud, Mike ivy, Norbert Borchers, DJ FRANK LAMBOY, Chris Lake, Carly Wilford, Neal McClelland, DJ Rae, Vanilla Ace, Pascal Desloovere, Parrish Wintersmith, Matt King, Jonathan Maby, DJ Scottie, dj johnny dangerous, Christian Laute, Winn, Russell Ruckman, Rafa Canton, Greg Anderson, and 17 more
InHouse Records
Release Date : September 15th, 2023
Relentless fusion of old-school house vibes and futuristic electronic elements, a sonic testament to Todd Terry's unparalleled talent and innovation. Driving rhythm, Electrifying melodies, Undeniable
support from Lupe Fuentes, Joachim Garraud, Low Steppa, Carly Wilford, Mike ivy, Peter Roberts, Greg Anderson, DJ FRANK LAMBOY, Rafa Canton, DJ Ant B, Steve Grant, Winn, Wadeteo, Sammy Morando, Ronnie Matthews, Robert Owens, Parrish Wintersmith, Mirko Paoloni, Matt King, Marc Montano, and 23 more
InHouse Records
Release Date : September 8th, 2023
Prepare to embark on a soulful transformative musical journey as the luminaries of house music, Todd Terry, Rudi'Kastic, and DJ Christian B, join forces to create a captivating masterpiece.
support from Norbert Borchers, Eric Kupper, Vanilla Ace, Federico Scavo, DJ Kemit, Lars Behrenroth, Mr. V, DJ Rae, Neal McClelland, Jeremiah Asiamah, Carly Wilford, DJ Dove, Jay Potter, Mario Ferrini, Darryl James, Greg Anderson, Gerard Russchenberg, Darryl Awesome Owens, DJ Scottie, dj johnny dangerous, and 57 more
Freeze Records
Release Date : September 1st, 2023
Seamus Haji goes crate digging and pulls a gem from Todd's deep catalog and delivers a master edit
support from Chris Lake, Steve Mac, Matt, Peter Roberts, Norbert Borchers, Mike ivy, DJ Dove, Vanilla Ace, Federico Scavo, Carly Wilford, DJ Rae, Danny Rampling, Neal McClelland, Hector Morales, DJ FRANK LAMBOY, Mr. V, Lenny Fontana, Peter Borg, Winn, Darryl Awesome Owens, and 55 more
Freeze Records
Release Date : August 25th, 2023
Old Skool New Skool Todd Terry vocal house club thumper
support from Vanilla Ace, Carly Wilford, David Penn, Toni Varga, Mr. V, Neal McClelland, Mike ivy, Federico Scavo, Norbert Borchers, Peter Roberts, Niall Redmond, Freddy Turner, Robert Owens, Nick Fiorucci, DJ Dave Cannalte, Christian Homan, Glen Friscia, Paul Vega, Lisa Diwa, Parrish Wintersmith, and 47 more
Freeze Records
Release Date : August 11th, 2023
"I Need UUU" 125 BPM house track by Todd Terry that effortlessly combines a funky groove, a mesmerizing piano riff, and a soulful vocal hook, resulting in an irresistible dancefloor a anthem.
support from Darryl James, DJ Rae, Jay Potter, Jess Bays, Lenny Fontana, Lupe Fuentes, Neal McClelland, Norbert Borchers, Paul Ross, Roog, Toni Varga, Mike ivy, Danny Rampling, Vanilla Ace, DJ FRANK LAMBOY, Peter Roberts, Carly Wilford, Mr. V, Gerard Russchenberg, Franco De Mulero, and 52 more
InHouse Records
Release Date : August 4th, 2023
I Give You Love (Todd Terry VIP Mix) a scintillating house remix that brings together the talents of Todd Terry, Janika Tenn, and Lee Wilson, resulting in a fresh and invigorating take on the original
support from David Penn, Norbert Borchers, Carly Wilford, Mike ivy, Peter Roberts, Neal McClelland, Tony Cortese, Des Mitchell, DJ Bryant Little John, Christian Homan, Ben Mabon, Charles Dixon, Christian Laute, Dantiez Saunderson, Darryl Awesome Owens, Deli-gee, DJ Hideki, DJ Scottie, Franco De Mulero, Gary Booker, and 39 more
InHouse Records
Release Date : July 11th, 2023
Introducing a dynamic collaboration between two renowned DJ/Producers, Todd Terry and Carly Wilford, who have combined their immense talents to deliver an electrifying dance track.
support from Chris Lake, Mike ivy, Toni Varga, Neal McClelland, Carly Wilford, DJ Dove, Vanilla Ace, Peter Roberts, Mr. V, Norbert Borchers, Danny Worthy, Pascal Desloovere, Rachel, Victor Rodriquez, Deli-gee, Dava Mac, Carlos Curmi, Neil Mccall, Josh Foreman, DK Kik, and 52 more
InHouse Records
Release Date : July 7th, 2023
Smooth summer house groove. The Giovi and Paolo Aliberti remix of "Music Is My Life" brings a new perspective and creative touch to the original song, showcasing their skills as producers
support from Danny Rampling, DJ Rae, Jay-J, Peter Roberts, Toni Varga, Darryl James, Vanilla Ace, Carly Wilford, Chris Lake, Mike ivy, Norbert Borchers, Pascal Desloovere, DJ Dave Cannalte, Matt, Darryl Awesome Owens, Dava Mac, Rachel, DJ Scottie, Lisa Diwa, DK Kik, and 46 more
InHouse Records
Release Date : June 27th, 2023
UK singer/songwriter disco artist Night Thomas gets the Todd Terry House rework treatment on this soulful treat.
support from Neal McClelland, Mike ivy, DJ Rae, Chris Lake, Peter Roberts, Norbert Borchers, Danny Rampling, DiSaronno, DJ Hideki, DJLexx Sanchez., Joe B, Mario Ferrini, DJ Dave Cannalte, Carlos Curmi, Danny Worthy, muzikman, Lisa Diwa, Darryl Awesome Owens, Sammy Morando, Keith Mac, and 46 more
InHouse Records
Release Date : June 9th, 2023
Summer set filler, Janika Tenn delivers a VIP Mix of 'I Give You Love' by Todd Terry x Janika Tenn x Lee Wilson 🎧 Listen on all platforms:
support from Mike ivy, Peter Roberts, Chris Lake, Danny Rampling, David Penn, Jay Potter, Jess Bays, Norbert Borchers, Paul Ross, Susinho, Darryl James, Vanilla Ace, DJ Rae, Flashmob, DJ Ant B, Christian Homan, Deli-gee, Edground, Dan Morgan, Sam Supplier, and 51 more
InHouse Records
Release Date : May 19th, 2023
DJ / Producer Kim Kaos. makes her InHouse debut with this hi-energy tech house banger Written and Produced by Leon Benesty
support from Matt, Jay-J, Neal McClelland, DJ FRANK LAMBOY, Chris Lake, Mr. V, Mike ivy, Roog, Vanilla Ace, Darryl James, Lupe Fuentes, Wadeteo, Washington Bodero, Dan Morgan, Rachel, Mirko Paoloni, Jason Norris, Freddy Turner, Nick Fiorucci, DJIgybj, and 42 more
InHouse Records
Release Date : May 26th, 2023
‘Don’t Wanna Fall In Love’ is the dynamite new collaboration between House legend, Todd Terry and UK songbird, DJ Rae. This joint release is a fantastic cover version of Jane Child’s 1989 classic
support from Mike ivy, Chris Lake, Peter Roberts, Neal McClelland, Vanilla Ace, Darryl James, DJ Dove, Junior Sanchez, John Morales, Mr. V, Norbert Borchers, David Penn, Jay Potter, Dantiez Saunderson, Glen Friscia, Christian Homan, Nick Fiorucci, Washington Bodero, Peter Borg, Matt, and 72 more
Freeze Records
Release Date : May 12th, 2023
This 125bpm old-school funky house music track gets the dance floor moving and grooving. The combination of funky samples, catchy vocals, and energetic beats make it a classic dancefloor filler.
support from Robert Owens, Danny Rampling, Toni Varga, DJ Rae, Steve Mac, Mike ivy, Low Steppa, Darryl James, Norbert Borchers, Neal McClelland, Vanilla Ace, Peter Roberts, Chris Lake, Federico Scavo, Washington Bodero, Marco Garrido, Josh Foreman, Parrish Wintersmith, Mark Manning, Barry Noordover, and 50 more
InHouse Records
Release Date : April 28th, 2023
Road tested by Todd. Vocal house music club banger with a sing-along hook. Produced by Todd Terry and featuring Leia Contois on vocals
support from Joe Ventura, Danny Rampling, Mike ivy, Darryl James, DJ FRANK LAMBOY, Jess Bays, Norbert Borchers, Van D, Peter Roberts, Neal McClelland, Chris Lake, Ryan Leivers, Des Mitchell, GRAHAM TONGE, Jazzy M, Christian Homan, Adrian Shandler, Charles Dixon, Dan Morgan, DJ Dove, and 53 more