Jukebox is pleased to announce the arrival of its new label promo service. Evolving out of what was DJ Voice promo, the service uses all of the London based team’s vast experience, connections and knowledge to help re-establish veteran labels, launch brand new projects and plenty in between.

To date we have worked with the big hitting likes of Bedrock and Diynamic, Do Not Sleep and D Edge, as well as many other specialist labels from Playperview to 8Bit, Jeudi Records to a Touch of Class.

Recent Campaigns

Mother Recordings
Release Date : March 19th, 2020
NiCe7 EP "Groove Key" released on Mother Recordings
support from Selected Grooves, Editor, EMF Mag, Greece, Editor, upfrontbeats.com, UK, Researcher, Beats 1 (Apple Streaming Service), Horse Meat Disco (Severino), Paulo Martini (Hot Creations, Cecille), Tariq Ziyad, and Bill Brewster (2020 Vision)
Deep House Belgium
Release Date : April 14th, 2020
NICKO///// EP "Cycle of Life" released on Deep House Belgium
support from Horse Meat Disco (Severino), Creange, Josh Coakley, and Karim Benzirar
Filth on Acid
Release Date : March 13th, 2020
Luca Agnelli EP "Oceanus" released on Filth on Acid
support from Electronic Groove, Charlotte De Witte, Joseph Capriati, Ramon Tapia, Layton Giordani, Sweet Space, Editor, Jacbri.com, Croatia, Editor, EMF Mag, Greece, Progessive Astronaut, and Ramiro Lopez
Three Hands Records
Release Date : February 28th, 2020
niki4, Eleonora EP "Knight Rider" released on Three Hands Records
support from Phillip Straub, Synesthyzer, Ericrose, BFBS Radio, Cool FM, Galaxie Radio 95.3 FM, RTE 2 FM (Ireland), Sound Ship Global Radio Show, Troglodyte Disco (Daniel Green), Horse Meat Disco (Severino), Peredel (UFO Sound), Sigourney Standley, The Black Madonna, Chris Fortier, Makossa, Paul Powel, Richie Hawtin, Mario Bazouri, Nii Tei, Nice Radio France, and 17 more
Release Date : March 25th, 2020
V.A. LP "LOCUS (Curated with ASOY)" released on TECHFUI
support from Editor, DJ Mag, UK, Techno Blazer, Salah Sadeq, and Joseph Capriati
Release Date : April 3rd, 2020
V.A. "Conform Re-Touched Vol. 1" released on CONFORM feat. Ben Sims, Mark Broom, James Ruskin, Truncate and Stojche
support from Editor, DJ Mag, NL, Bart Skils, Ramon Tapia, The Black Madonna, Ramiro Lopez, Shawn Reynaldo, Sam Paganini, Reviewer, DJ Mag ES, Joseph Capriati, and Nicole Moudaber
Release Date : March 13th, 2020
Mr. C "Radical Inclusion Remixes" incl. Noël Jackson, In.Phrequent, J. Gabriel & Chuffing Buffy Remixes released on Superfreq
support from Chris Fortier, Luca Musto, Richie Hawtin, Uriel Ezquinazi, Horse Meat Disco (Severino), Dubiks, Cool FM, Fran Bortolossi, Synesthyzer, Colin Dale, Gabriel Izarraraz, Paul Powel, Don Diablo, Phillip Straub, Radio NOVA (Bulgaria), Presenter, Ibiza Sonica, Spain, Mario Bazouri, Bill Brewster (2020 Vision), Editor, Jacbri.com, Croatia, Editor, Partysan Stuttgart, Germany, and 18 more
Release Date : March 2nd, 2020
Mr Morek EP "Amperage" released on PLY
support from Editor, EMF Mag, Greece, Paolo Tossio, Josh Coakley, Mystep, Electronic Groove, Editor, DJ Mag, NL, Horse Meat Disco (Severino), Paco Osuna, Phillip Straub, Joy Kitikonti, BFBS Radio, Cool FM, Galaxie Radio 95.3 FM, Radio NOVA (Bulgaria), Editor, DifferentGrooves.com, Italy, Editor, Jacbri.com, Croatia, Chris Fortier, Nice Radio France, Sound Ship Global Radio Show, Dude Skywalker, and 14 more
Spinnin’ Deep
Release Date : February 21st, 2020
The latest single on Spinnin' Deep from Avoure
support from RTE Pulse (Ireland), Modelers, Techno Blazer, Chris Fortier, Fabio Cerilli, BFBS Radio, Galaxie Radio 95.3 FM, Dance Tunes Radio (Canada), Dash Radio - Dash Dance X, Paco Osuna, Paolo Tossio, Phillip Straub, Veronika Fleyta, Wookieboy, Connect - Brazil, Koast Radio, Radio NOVA (Bulgaria), Radio FG (France), Vikki Martin-Smith, Don Diablo, and 12 more
Be One Records
Release Date : March 6th, 2020
Miguel Bastida feat. Joker 420 EP "I Güana Get Up" released on Be One Records
support from Galaxie Radio 95.3 FM, Paolo Tossio, Editor, EMF Mag, Greece, Techno Blazer, BFBS Radio, Filippo Leo, Alex Fish, Anderson Noise, CLAPTONE, Dennis Ferrer , Fabio Cerilli, Fell Reis, Hector Couto (Area Remote, Saved, Suara), Miguel Bastida, Paco Osuna, Agar, Presenter, Ibiza Global Radio, Spain, Radio NOVA (Bulgaria), Sunshine Live (Germany), Chris Fortier, and 32 more
Moan Recordings
Release Date : March 24th, 2020
The Mekanism EP "Whoop" released on Moan Recordings
support from Dennis Ferrer , Gilberto G, CLAPTONE, Blanc, Techno Blazer, AJ Christou, Steve Lawler, Luuk Van Dijk, Neil Evans, Robert Owens (Trax, Systematic, THR), The Willers Brothers, Dimmish, Simone Vitullo, Claude Von Stroke (Dirtybird), Stacey Pullen (Black Flag, No.19, Transmat), Archie Hamilton, Editor, DJ Magazin (Hungary), Joseph Capriati, Mat.Joe, Federico Grazzini (Channel Zoo, Tenax, Suara), and 7 more
Offering Recordings
Release Date : March 13th, 2020
Boddhi Satva & Mehdi Nassouli "Ghaita (Sifa Remix)" released on Offering Recordings
support from Alex Fish, MAGA, meandisco, Ame, Camilo Franco, CLAPTONE, Gabriel Ananda (Karmarouge, Cocoon), Paco Osuna, Paolo Tossio, Deep Filip, Robert Owens (Trax, Systematic, THR), Township Rebellion, Madorasindahouse, HouseFM.net, Linos Pascal Petalotidis, Koast Radio, Party Groove (Italy), Presenter, Ibiza Global Radio, Spain, Brandon Ernst, Chris Fortier, and 38 more
Jacky & Friends
Release Date : March 20th, 2020
Piem, Ekoboy EP "Sensation" released on Jacky & Friends
support from CLAPTONE, Claude Von Stroke (Dirtybird), Hector Couto (Area Remote, Saved, Suara), Joyce Muniz (Exploited, Snatch!), Richy Ahmed, PIEM, Supernova, Nicolas Festa, Mat.Joe, Black V Neck, Alaia & Gallo, Shiba San, and Roger Sanchez
Dark Side Of The Sun
Release Date : March 13th, 2020
Luuk van Dijk EP "Precession" (incl. AJ Christou Remix) released on Dark Side Of The Sun
support from Mat.Joe, Jacky Maughan, Latmun, Solardo, Steve Lawler, Mihai Popoviciu, Blanc, Eli Brown, Ray Mono, Stacey Pullen (Black Flag, No.19, Transmat), Artslaves, Neverdogs, Claude Von Stroke (Dirtybird), PIEM, Dimmish, Hector Couto (Area Remote, Saved, Suara), Joseph Capriati, Hot Since 82 (Get Physical, Noir, Moda), Riva Starr, Techno Blazer, and 10 more
Bunny Tiger Dubs
Release Date : TBC
Alain Fanegas, Alexey Romeo "Bunny Tiger Dubs Promo Sampler" released on Bunny Tiger Dubs
support from Mario Bazouri, Abel Ray, Filippo Leo, Joe Morris, Kiss FM (Australia), Daniel Rave, Animal Trainer (HIVE, Stil Vor Talent), Fabio Cerilli, Fell Reis, Fran Bortolossi, Gabriel Ananda (Karmarouge, Cocoon), Horse Meat Disco (Severino), Hector Couto (Area Remote, Saved, Suara), Hot Since 82 (Get Physical, Noir, Moda), Jonas Rathsman, Joseph Capriati, Love and Above, Miguel Bastida, Paolo Tossio, Shiba San, and 60 more
Moodart Records
Release Date : March 13th, 2020
Edvin Camema EP "Defiance" (incl. Carlos Pires Remix) released on Moodart Records
support from Deep House Belgium, Animal Trainer (HIVE, Stil Vor Talent), Brandon Ernst, Fennec & Wolf, Gunther, Joe T Vannelli, Lena Estetica, Love and Above, Oliver Huntemann, Pan, Paolo Tossio, Phillip Straub, Rini Shkembi, Sigourney Standley, Township Rebellion, Sebastian Oscilla, Al Lindrum, Don Diablo, Michel De Hey, Uriel Ezquinazi, and 35 more
Release Date : February 21st, 2020
Rony Seikaly & m.O.N.R.O.E. EP "Acid Is coming" released on STRIDE
support from Pan, Audiofly (8bit, Get Physical, Mood Music), Connect - Brazil, Techno Blazer, Alexander Malyutin, Aaron Lewis, Albuquerque, Ammo Avenue, Deep House Belgium, Editor, Jacbri.com, Croatia, Editor, DifferentGrooves.com, Italy, Editor, Partysan Stuttgart, Germany, Music is 4 Lovers - JB, Atish, Astrophone Records, Selected Grooves, Camilo Franco, Claude Von Stroke (Dirtybird), Collective Machine, Data Transmission Radio, and 79 more
Hiriko Music
Release Date : February 21st, 2020
Andre Salmon, Dave Sanz, J-Mic, MSO EP "Elevate The Time" released on Hiriko Music
support from HouseFM.net, Robert Owens (Trax, Systematic, THR), Koast Radio, Data Transmission Radio, Music is 4 Lovers, Uriel Ezquinazi, Township Rebellion, H.O.S.H. (Diynamic), Hot Since 82 (Get Physical, Noir, Moda), Riva Starr, Select Radio, Dusan, Claude Von Stroke (Dirtybird), Joseph Capriati, Oliver Dollar - Oliver Siebert, Neil Evans, Presenter, Ibiza Global Radio, Spain, Animal Trainer (HIVE, Stil Vor Talent), Tariq Ziyad, Zack FM Dance, and 50 more
No Neon
Release Date : February 14th, 2020
Craig Williams & Pantheon single "Division (Original Mix)" released on No Neon
support from Oldrich Sic Jr., Alex Zed - Inside Out Records, BFBS Radio, Anderson Noise, David Reyner - The Key Club (Paris), Beach Radio, Goran Meyer, Township Rebellion, Riva Starr, RTE Pulse (Ireland), Al Lindrum, Mario Bazouri, Animal Trainer (HIVE, Stil Vor Talent), Editor, DJ Mag US, USA, Nice Radio France, Richie Hawtin, Sonson, PIEM, Joseph Capriati, Connect - Brazil, and 29 more
Do Not Sleep
Release Date : March 20th, 2020
Collective States EP "Gozer" released on Do Not Sleep
support from Ernesto Ibiza Sonica, Editor, Jacbri.com, Croatia, Zack FM Dance, Editor, DJ Mag, NL, Party Groove (Italy), Joseph Capriati, Maceo Plex (Ellum), Paul Sawyer, Beach Radio, Sasha Brown, Selected Grooves, RTE Pulse (Ireland), Editor, upfrontbeats.com, UK, Data Transmission Radio, Galaxie Radio 95.3 FM, Nicolas Festa, Connect - Brazil, Alex Fish, Editor, DifferentGrooves.com, Italy, Dusan, and 25 more