Jukebox is pleased to announce the arrival of its new label promo service. Evolving out of what was DJ Voice promo, the service uses all of the London based team’s vast experience, connections and knowledge to help re-establish veteran labels, launch brand new projects and plenty in between.

To date we have worked with the big hitting likes of Diynamic & Dirtybird, Do Not Sleep and D Edge, more Minimal Tech labels like No Art, Moan Recordings, hedZup & Moxy Muzik, and Techno heavyweights Filth on Acid, Terminal M & KNTXT

Recent Campaigns

Release Date : February 12th, 2021
The latest release on QRUK from Tommy Sunsets
support from Dubiks, xceed, Editor, DJ Mag LA, Editor, Andreas Simon, Dub Ibiza, Spain, Phillip Straub, and Editor, DifferentGrooves.com, Italy
Release Date : January 29th, 2021
Simina Grigoriu single "Bucureşti" released on Kuukou
support from Christian Varela (Bitten, Bedrock), Sandro, Township Rebellion, Ramiro Lopez, Horse Meat Disco (Severino), Paolo Cavichioli / Paul C, Chris Fortier, Eddie Halliwell, Richie Hawtin, and Roger Sanchez
Release Date : January 15th, 2021
Sailor & I feat. Luca Vasta single "Sleep" released on METAPHYSICAL
support from block.fm (Japan), CJSR FM 88.6 (Canada), Cool FM, Futuregroove FM (Japan), John Power - Select Radio London (8am-9am), Karim Benzirar, Lena Estetica, Koast Radio, Party Groove (Italy), Sunshine Live (Germany), Presenter, Tom Breu Radio Show, Germany, Zack FM Dance, Dance Tunes Radio (Canada), Clubs DJ Radio (France), HouseFM.net, and Beach Radio
Madorasindahouse Records
Release Date : January 22nd, 2021
Dj Beekay EP "Tears Of Africa" released on Madorasindahouse Records
support from Deep Filip, Phillip Straub, Sandro, Sergey Sanchez, Gabriel Izarraraz, Lena Estetica, Rich Chwastiak, Township Rebellion, Max Pela, Dialtone Records, Don Diablo, Dan Reid, Ericrose, ATFC, Simone Vitullo, Vini Pistori, Gunther, Nii Tei, Presenter, Ibiza Sonica, Spain, Adrian WEFT, and 13 more
The Gardens of Babylon Records
Release Date : January 29th, 2021
Spaniol EP "Suites do Amar" released on The Gardens of Babylon Records
support from Party Groove (Italy), Darin Epsilon, Urmet K, House Of Frankie, Alex Fish, Presenter, Ibiza Sonica, Spain, Audiofly (8bit, Get Physical, Mood Music), block.fm (Japan), Township Rebellion, Karim Benzirar, Kiss FM (Australia), Koast Radio, Lena Estetica, Presenter, Ibiza Global Radio, Spain, FluxFM (Germany), Fell Reis, xceed, Deep Filip, Zack FM Dance, Editor, EMF Mag, Greece, and 27 more
Ame Records
Release Date : January 22nd, 2021
Silvio Soul single "Love Me For Me" released on Ame Records
support from Editor, Insomiac.com, USA, Simone Vitullo, Township Rebellion, ATFC, Mr V, Editor, DifferentGrooves.com, Italy, BFBS Radio, Dance Tunes Radio (Canada), block.fm (Japan), Lena Estetica, Melodic Beats Podcast, Koast Radio, Sound Ship Global Radio Show, Wookieboy, Editor, EMF Mag, Greece, xceed, Dan Marciano, Raul Campos, Futuregroove FM (Japan), Richie Hawtin, and 13 more
Release Date : January 29th, 2021
Hillel Shabtai EP "Jump Up" released on DIALNINE
support from Ruben Mandolini, Rich Chwastiak, Santiago Garcia, Horse Meat Disco (Severino), Township Rebellion, Lena Estetica, Wax Worx, Fell Reis, Roger Sanchez, Carlo Gambino, mirko di florio, and Dude Skywalker
The Young Proprietor
Release Date : January 22nd, 2021
HOKI "Remixed" released on The Young Proprietor
support from Don Diablo, Santiago Garcia, Anthony Pappa, Darin Epsilon, Horse Meat Disco (Severino), Dan Marciano, Sergey Sanchez, Dude Skywalker, Funkerman, Gabriel Izarraraz, Off Night (Kiev, UA), Magdalena, Modelers, Deep House Vancouver, Eelke Klijn (Suara, Manual Music), Manoo, Gene Farris, Urmet K, Township Rebellion, Presenter, Ibiza Sonica, Spain, and 30 more
King Kong Records
Release Date : January 22nd, 2021
Daddato EP "Deixa Deixa" released on King Kong Records
support from Radio FG Belgium and FG Xtra, PIEM, Karim Benzirar, Zack FM Dance, Claude Von Stroke (Dirtybird), Auntie Flo, Horse Meat Disco (Severino), Dash Radio - Dash Dance X, Fell Reis, Dude Skywalker, Paco Osuna, Chris Fortier, Editor, DifferentGrooves.com, Italy, Rate My Rave, BFBS Radio, CJSR FM 88.6 (Canada), HouseFM.net, Koast Radio, Lena Estetica, Wookieboy, and 33 more
Release Date : February 12th, 2021
Massimo Logli EP "Marsic / Lilii Borea" Blackboard
support from xceed, Dan Marciano, Dude Skywalker, Nii Tei, Dance Rebels, Editor, EMF Mag, Greece, Editor, MagazineSixty, UK, Researcher, Beats 1 (Apple Streaming Service), Don Diablo, Graham Sahara, Chris Fortier, Editor, Insomiac.com, USA, Antonio, Raven Musik, Change Underground, Rich Chwastiak, Miguel Garj, Claude Von Stroke (Dirtybird), Editor, DJ Mag LA, Cody Codes, and 17 more
Medina Records
Release Date : January 19th, 2021
Kashovski EP "Al Gassar" incl. Abel Ray Remix released on Medina Records
support from block.fm (Japan), Digital Emotions Radio Show - Russia, Younes, BFBS Radio, Dance Tunes Radio (Canada), Dance Tunes Radio (Canada), Modelers, Alex Medina, Big Al, Chris Fortier, Deep House Vancouver, Felipe Torquato (Spaniol), Gentian Rizaj, Horatio (Desolat, VIVa), Roger Sanchez, Sabb, Creange, Futuregroove FM (Japan), Party Groove (Italy), Sunshine Live (Germany), and 46 more
Otherwise Records
Release Date : January 22nd, 2021
V.A. compilation "Variously #1" released on Otherwise Records
support from S.K.T, Gilberto G, Dan Marciano, Cody Codes, block.fm (Japan), CJSR FM 88.6 (Canada), Alex Fish, Township Rebellion, Tariq Ziyad, Sergey Sanchez, PIEM, Mr.Diamond, Chris Fortier, Horatio (Desolat, VIVa), Ernesto Ibiza Sonica, Futuregroove FM (Japan), Karim Benzirar, Party Groove (Italy), Koast Radio, Editor, DifferentGrooves.com, Italy, and 29 more
Release Date : January 29th, 2021
Dieru EP "Voden" incl. Matheiu Remix released on RAWSTREET
support from Joris Voorn (Rejected, Green), Steve Lawler, Mr.Diamond, Rini Shkembi, Claude Von Stroke (Dirtybird), Nicolas Duvoisin, Dubiks, ADRIANZA, Riva Starr, Tariq Ziyad, Nick Beringer, Editor, DJ Mag, NL, Editor, I-D, UK, Ramsey Neville, xceed, Editor, MagazineSixty, UK, Editor, DifferentGrooves.com, Italy, Radio Party Groove / Fresh Chart, Alejo Galvez, and Editor, DJ Mag LA
House Music With Love
Release Date : February 12th, 2021
Bohem EP "Mental Hemisphere" released on House Music With Love
support from Makossa, Simone Vitullo, Facundo Mohrr, Horse Meat Disco (Severino), Editor, House Music With Love, Sweden, Dude Skywalker, Auntie Flo, Presenter, Ibiza Sonica, Spain, Dan Marciano, Horatio (Desolat, VIVa), Darin Epsilon, Nii Tei, Uriel Ezquinazi, Steve (SMP3), Richie Hawtin, Cesar Merveille, Deep Filip, Black Coffee, Vivie Ann Blondish, Anthony Pappa, and 12 more
House Music With Love
Release Date : January 29th, 2021
Crimsen & FEYLN feat. Oliver Wickham EP "Grey Skies Remixes" released on House Music With Love
support from Editor, House Music With Love, Sweden, Dean Demanuele (Mobilee, Intacto), Steve (SMP3), Raul Campos, Eelke Klijn (Suara, Manual Music), Phillip Straub, Modelers, Township Rebellion, Chris Fortier, Paco Osuna, Claude Von Stroke (Dirtybird), Cesar Hauy, Santiago Garcia, Deep House Vancouver, Rich Chwastiak, Richie Hawtin, Nicolas Masseyeff, Armen Miran, Alex Zed - Inside Out Records, Lemmon, and 23 more
Leisure Music Productions
Release Date : February 1st, 2021
The latest release on Leisure Music Productions
support from Roger Sanchez, Editor, DJ Mag LA, Richie Hawtin, Dan Marciano, Vivie Ann Blondish, Don Diablo, Closing Sounds, Lena Estetica, House Of Frankie, Dubiks, Danny Tenaglia, Horse Meat Disco (Severino), Manoo, Felipe Torquato (Spaniol), Modelers, Claude Von Stroke (Dirtybird), Mr V, Luca Ricci, Editor, Insomiac.com, USA, Ericrose, and 20 more
Ear Porn Music
Release Date : January 22nd, 2021
Leghet EP "Tunnel" released on Ear Porn Music
support from Editor, Jacbri.com, Croatia, Jovonn, Phillip Straub, Dubiks, Who Else, Township Rebellion, Party Groove (Italy), Kiss FM Australia - One More Tune, Dan Marciano, RTE Pulse (Ireland), Chris Maico Schmidt, Nice Radio France, Richie Hawtin, BFBS Radio, Beach Radio, Eillom, Paco Osuna, block.fm (Japan), Dance Tunes Radio (Canada), Editor, Juanjo, Vicious Magazine, Spain, and 27 more
Tobus Limited
Release Date : January 1st, 2021
The latest EP on Tobus Limited from Gianluca Rattalino, Side B
support from Sunshine Live (Germany), Claude Von Stroke (Dirtybird), Cool FM, Paolo Cavichioli / Paul C, CJSR FM 88.6 (Canada), block.fm (Japan), PIEM, Ruben Mandolini, Mahony (Vatos Locus), Rini Shkembi, Select Radio, Warm FM (Belgium), Horse Meat Disco (Severino), Karim Benzirar, HouseFM.net, Lena Estetica, Koast Radio, Party Groove (Italy), Neverdogs, Dance Tunes Radio (Canada), and 16 more
Frame Music
Release Date : January 29th, 2021
The latest EP on Frame Music from Ash-R
support from Terence:Terry: (La Vie En Rose, Apollonia), Steve Lawler, Kreature, Riva Starr, Claude Von Stroke (Dirtybird), Proudly People, Dubiks, ADRIANZA, Ramsey Neville, Demuir, Italoboys, Michel De Hey, NextBanger, Editor, DifferentGrooves.com, Italy, and xceed
Andhera Records
Release Date : January 15th, 2021
V.A. compilation "Andhera Records Winter Sampler Volume 1" released on Andhera Records
support from Editor, DifferentGrooves.com, Italy, Editor, DJ Mag, NL, Zack FM Dance, block.fm (Japan), Dance Tunes Radio (Canada), Radio Party Groove / Fresh Chart, Warm FM (Belgium), Data Transmission Radio, Futuregroove FM (Japan), Kiss FM (Australia), Koast Radio, Lena Estetica, Melodic Beats Podcast, Nevs Valentine, 54 House FM (Germany), Party Groove (Italy), Ammo Avenue, Gilberto G, Select Radio, Karim Benzirar, and 45 more