For The Record PR

Based in London - For The Record PR specialises in global print, online, radio and club promotions. Co-founded by Abigail White (Head of Press) and Jessica Lamb (Head of Specialist Radio and Club) they have a wealth of experience in the industry, having built solid relationships with their roster and media over a number of years.

They boast a roster of top, underground labels such as; Hot Creations, Crosstown Rebels, Firehouse, Mobilee, Life and Death and AEON amongst others. As well as representing artists including; Kim Ann Foxman, Melé, Mella Dee, Marc Romboy, Kiwi, Jonas Rathsman and Damian Lazarus.

You can contact us at abi and jess with any questions.

Recent Campaigns

Sola Records
Release Date : May 7th, 2021
Returning to Sola for his full label debut, rising Liverpool-based talent Eldon drops a nostalgically quirky 8-bit inspired jam - Game Boy.
support from Martin Badder, WADE, Steve Lawler, Ruben Mandolini, Wild Dark, and Jimmy Switch
Release Date : May 21st, 2021
Skream announces his new record label IFEEL. The London-native will be inaugurating the imprint with the three-track Chesters Groove EP, featuring two remixes from Berghain-resident Norman Nodge.
support from D. Strauss - Editor , Blair, Matteo Pitton, Mark Gwinnett, Alex Malyutin, and Jan
Release Date : May 7th, 2021
LOUISAHHH – Love Is A Punk: The Remixes. New remixes from Vitalic, Spencer Parker & AnD
Studio 54
Release Date : April 30th, 2021
Following the release of ‘Grateful’ on December 16th, Studio 54 now bring feel good groover ‘Everyday’
support from Marcos Almeida, Anastasios Diolatzis, Andrea Rango, Andrew Smith, Karim Benzirar, Marcus Wagner-Lapierre, Raul Campos, Rich Normile, Shane Woolman, Timmy Byrne, Tom Breu, Tony, Kate Wildblood - Freelance , Mike (Chris Maico Schmidt) - Head of Radio, Laurent N., Ingo Sänger, Alex Ruder, Christian Homan, Clint Maximus aka Game Chasers, Jean Jerome, and 5 more
Hot Creations
Release Date : May 28th, 2021
Rising British house producer Tim Taylor makes his debut on Hot Creations this May with the four-track Do You Like...EP.
support from D. Strauss - Editor , Matteo Pitton, Neal Mcclelland - writer, Spencer White - writer, Dave, Jan, 909 Originals, Marek Moskal, Alex Malyutin, and Mark Gwinnett
Stress Records
Release Date : April 9th, 2021
Stress Records’ returning favourite, Tommy Farrow impresses with a hedonistic trance anthem, ‘Between Two Planets’.
support from Andrew Smith, Charlie Tee, DJ Neon, David Stone, Tom Breu, Gorgon City, Mat.Joe, Christian Homan, Simon Ruggles, Andrea Rango, Gary McNealis, Ruben Mandolini, Riyaz Khan, and Natalie Malcolm
Crosstown Rebels
Release Date : May 28th, 2021
Leading electronic music trio Amberoom team up with the renowned Blakkat and LA based vocalist BabyGirl. The single features two breakbeat house remixes from Radio Slave and Lucas Frota & Blakkat.
support from Sven Fortmann - Editor , Priya Senxo - writer, Neal Mcclelland - writer, Greg Fenton - Editor, Matteo Pitton, Jan, D. Strauss - Editor , Matt Rouse, Hary, Marek Moskal, and Simon Huxtable
Studio 54 Music
Release Date : May 7th, 2021
Studio 54 Music sign funky house jam 'Do Me Right' by Norman Doray & Piem, including a Studio 54 remix. The 7th release on the official label.
support from Marek Moskal, Neal Mcclelland - writer, D. Strauss - Editor , Matteo Pitton, Mark Gwinnett, Doogie, Mannix, Jan, Ana Yglesias - Writer, Tommy D Funk, Curtis Zack, Martyn Henderson - House reviews, Mark Moore, Sam Yu - Editorial Assistant, Severino, Alaia & Gallo, Groove Armada (Tom Findlay), Ruben Mandolini, FreedomB, and Robosonic (Sasha)
Palm Recs
Release Date : May 14th, 2021
Established artist management company Palm Artists will be launching a new label this May. Named Palm Recs, the maiden release comes from fast-rising British-collective Girls Of The Internet.
support from Marcus Ross - Editor-In-Chief, Bill Brewster - Editor, Curtis Zack, Bill Rah, Claire, Desert in Me, Kali Modernphase - Writer , Simon Huxtable, Sven Fortmann - Editor , Jan, Greg Fenton - Editor, D. Strauss - Editor , Moe, Marek Moskal, Matteo Pitton, Oisin - Music Editor, Derek Henderson, Chris K Davis, Fofi Tsesmelis, and Dan
Release Date : May 28th, 2021
Delano Smith, ADMN, Mister Joshooa and RVP feature on the next instalment from Detroit based label Infolines
support from Doogie, Shawn Reynaldo, Dan, Matteo Pitton, Oisin - Music Editor, D. Strauss - Editor , Andrew Wowk, Max Lomov , Christian Zingales - Editor, Claire, Greg Fenton - Editor, Marcus Ross - Editor-In-Chief, Marek Moskal, Mark Gwinnett, Moe, Simon Huxtable, and Jan
What Goes Around
Release Date : May 21st, 2021
London-based label What Goes Around launches with a re-release of the Iz & Diz classic 'Strong' with a remix from INSTINCT
support from Doogie, Dan, Marek Moskal, Sam Yu - Editorial Assistant, 909 Originals, Claire, Moe, Simon Huxtable, Spencer White - writer, D. Strauss - Editor , Marcus Ross - Editor-In-Chief, Bill Brewster - Editor, Matteo Pitton, Tony Allen - Founder , Jan, Christian Zingales - Editor, Derek Henderson, Simon, Alex Fish - Director of Business Develop, Ben Lovett - Reviews, and 1 more
Hot Creations
Release Date : May 14th, 2021
James Solace and Jansons collaborate for the first time on Hot Creations
support from Doogie, Jan, Neal Mcclelland - writer, Benoit Carretier - Editor, Thomas Leek - writer, Ben Lovett - Reviews, Tony Allen - Founder , 909 Originals, Alex | Tobus, Alex Fish - Director of Business Develop, Christian Zingales - Editor, D. Strauss - Editor , Dusan Nikolic, Elliot Brown - Lead Content Creator, Grahame Farmer, Juany, Los Angeles Music Project, Marek Moskal, Russell Deeks - Editor, Spencer White - writer, and 14 more
Undaground Therapy Muzik
Release Date : May 21st, 2021
Soul Clap’s Charlie aka Charlie Soul Clap preps his UTM debut with an all out edit dream for Roy Davis Jr.’s elusive label.
support from Desert in Me, Chris K Davis, Benoit Carretier - Editor, Nick Gray - Founder, Fofi Tsesmelis, Alex Callow - Editor , 909 Originals, Alex Fish - Director of Business Develop, D. Strauss - Editor , Jim Tremayne - Editor, Marcus Ross - Editor-In-Chief, Mark Gwinnett, Harrys Alestas - Madorasindahouse , Grahame Farmer, Los Angeles Music Project, Marek Moskal, Mitch Dodge - news, Music Submissions, Bill Brewster - Editor, Moe, and 11 more
Crosstown Rebels
Release Date : May 14th, 2021
House music veteran Junior Sanchez makes a long-awaited debut on Crosstown Rebels this May with the Divergent EP. The four-track release sees Junior team up with fellow world-renowned Todd Terry
support from Fofi Tsesmelis, Ludovic Rambaud - Major Interviews , Bill Brewster - Editor, Desert in Me, Doogie, Christian Zingales - Editor, Contact, Alex Callow - Editor , Triggs - Reviews, Oisin - Music Editor, Ben Lovett - Reviews, Jan, 909 Originals, Alex Fish - Director of Business Develop, Daniele Spadaro, D. Strauss - Editor , Jim Tremayne - Editor, Griff - Editor , Los Angeles Music Project, Marek Moskal, and 16 more
Release Date : June 4th, 2021
Third Son has been going back to his early music collections that informed and inspired his work over many years, making his own re-imagined interpretations of them to form the LP 'Retrograde'
support from Vidal Romero - Editor, ZacGK, Alex Fish - Director of Business Develop, Marcus Ross - Editor-In-Chief, Greg Fenton - Editor, Kali Modernphase - Writer , Sweet Musique Promos, Thomas Leek - writer, Claire, D. Strauss - Editor , Moe, Marc, Shawn Reynaldo, Matteo Pitton, Hernán Pandelo, Sam Yu - Editorial Assistant, Benoit Carretier - Editor, Marek Moskal, Fofi Tsesmelis, Erin Sharoni - Freelance Writer , and 8 more
Sola Records
Release Date : April 30th, 2021
Prolific UK artist Biscits makes his hotly-awaited return to Sola with a weighty double serving in the form of ‘Jungle Sounds’.
support from Ruben Mandolini, Jamie Jones, Matteo Pitton, Tommy D Funk, Dusan Nikolic, 909 Originals, Filippo, Alexandra Murcia, Alex Fish - Director of Business Develop, Alex Callow - Editor , Doogie, Los Angeles Music Project, Mark Gwinnett, Mitch Dodge - news, Neal Mcclelland - writer, Sam Yu - Editorial Assistant, Oisin - Music Editor, Marek Moskal, Barbur Room, Christian Zingales - Editor, and 58 more
Release Date : May 7th, 2021
Marc Romboy returns with a brand new release on his Systematic imprint. Highlighting the signature sound with which Marc has become best known, listeners can expect a distinct Romboy two-tracker.
support from Audiofly (Luca Saporito), Severino, AFFKT (Marc Martinez Nadal), Alex Callow - Editor , Dave Seaman, Dissolut, disCerN (Jonny Cruz), Fernando Campo, Gene Farris, Guy J, LP Giobbi, Mat.Joe, Moodymanc, Nick Warren, Paco Osuna, Sasch BBC, Silent Revolt, Sasha, Nicolas Masseyeff, Mousse T, and 49 more
Hot Creations
Release Date : April 30th, 2021
Joseph Edmund returns to Hot Creations with 'Baewatch'
support from Mikey Corrighan, Martin Madigan - Buzz Chart, Mick Wilson - Tech Editor, Mark Gwinnett, Benoit Carretier - Editor, Dave, Los Angeles Music Project, Ludovic Rambaud - Major Interviews , D. Strauss - Editor , Oliver Golden - Founder, Christian Zingales - Editor, Dusan Nikolic, Marcus Ross - Editor-In-Chief, Marek Moskal, Oisin - Music Editor, Spencer White - writer, Tommy D Funk, Alex Callow - Editor , Alex Malyutin, Jan, and 4 more
Release Date : April 23rd, 2021
YokoO launches new label Satya with a VA, featuring Matthew Dekay, Zone+, Retza alongside himself
support from Alex Malyutin, Greg Fenton - Editor, Don Rimini, Waze & Odyssey, Sasha, Danny Tenaglia, Eelke Kleijn, Audiofly (Anthony), Tommy D Funk, Alejandro Mosso, Alex Kennon (Saved Records / Mosaic-Insane Pacha Ibiza), Bajau , Dissolut, Dubfire, Guy J, Gene Farris, Jonas Rathsman, MANDY, Severino, Paco Osuna, and 84 more
Sola Nauts
Release Date : April 9th, 2021
For the next instalment on Solardo’s Sola Nauts imprint, Vatos Locos boss Hector has created tech-house magic on this huge two track EP.
support from Richie Hawtin, Stacey Pullen, DJ T, Camelphat, Claude Von Stroke, disCerN (Jonny Cruz), Eli Brown, Fernando Campo, Green Velvet, Huxley, Joseph Edmund, Joyce Muniz, Leonardo Gonnelli / Rowee, Filip Sulic, Josh Samuel, Tyson O'brien, Meduza, Mirko Di Florio, Federico Ambrosi, Severino, and 19 more